7 Quick Takes Friday ( Ed. 10 - Double Digit Party!)

1.) Today is the first day that I have really felt on top of things in the new house. I celebrated by doing going on vacation housework!  Everything isn't perfectly cleaned or organized, but it mostly is. It's all finally functional and all relatively in its right location. It actually all fits with room to spare after further purging and sorting. I've found time to relax and read a little bit, enjoy the view, swim, cook and plan. I'm looking forward to routine and some further permanent changes once we get back from vacation.

2) NEXT WEEK IS VACATION! We will have a few days with the kids and a few days without the kids (God bless Grandparents). I'm taking books, some sundresses and a swim suit. That about covers it.

3) I have been blogging two full weeks at the photo blog. I don't think I have missed even one day. I've taken an inordinate number of lake pictures, but there are lots of other pics besides. It's actually been a fun way  to keep track of things. I need to do more with my real camera now and not just my phone. I want to be a better photographer. So much to learn, and it starts by just doing.

4) I did not take this pic; I simply love this pic. This is where we live. It feels completely, wonderfully, fantastically ridiculous.

5) As soon as the Hunk comes home we are going to pick up my van from having yet more work done on it. Cars are expensive. High mileage cars require a lot of TLC.  I've never really wanted to live in an urban area but the idea of being able to walk more places or having a good mass transit has its perks.  Hunky's car has developed the exciting semi-habit of stalling. No one can get it to reproduce the problem when we take it in so we just never know when we might be sitting by the roadside. It's the way we conservatives live dangerously. 

6) While moving I've gone back to reading some lovely fluff. I read most of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache series when they were first published, but I've really been enjoying them one after the other. There are quite a few characters and when I read them spaced out for publishing, I lost some of the plot complexity due to being unable to remember all of who did what when and why. This why has helped cement much more of the plot line in my mind. Mysteries are great fun for me. I love the setting, the characters, the quirks and the food.  After vacation I am going back to more non-fiction reading again, but this was a wonderful break at a time when my brain needed it.

7.) The man is home with groceries and my daughter has a post-it note in her hair. Time to go get the trusty rusty van that can cool us off again!


Pattie said...

Enjoy your vacay!

jen said...

did you also notice that the louise penny books have a somber tone that is really hard to describe?