7 Quick takes Friday (Ed. 11)

  1. Let's just get this over with right off the bat, I still can't quite get my brain around the fact that this is where I live . Seriously. That is my computer in the right bottom corner. I snapped this pic as I sat down to blog. It's ridiculous. My life is ridiculous. And I mean that in the most "I am God's favorite, how the hooey is that even the remotest possibility I will never understand" kind of way.
2. This week I made what is potentially the most mentally healthy decision I have made all year. I decided to delay school for ONE WEEK. Oh my goodness did I need the week. Since July my life has been about moving, about finding a place, about packing, about purging, about cleaning, about painting, about organizing, about landlords going off the deep end, about being flexible, about making do, about settling for things I couldn't fix.  It has worn me flat out. I spent this week tweaking, and fine tuning. Getting comfortable, making things work, planting my feet firmly, making lists, making plans, making goals and reorienting myself to (semi) normal life. Now I do feel (mostly) ready to jump back into my new reality.  Just one week is going to change the face of my entire fall. Why don't we take time more often to do the things that have long term benefit?

3.  I have also decided to take a facebook hiatus. At least one week, maybe two. I'm working on time budgeting. I waste a lot of time. A lot.  It's not that I want to be busy those times in the ways I am normally busy. I want to more time for personal growth and development. I'm frittering it away on the computer...not even using my computer time wisely (because I do use the internet for many good things that I value).

4. Of all the colorful rooms in my house, I am least happy with my bathroom. It's kind of blah. I love the color we used very much in the other room we used it in, but in the bathroom? It's just kind of ho-hum. I am pondering low to no cost ways to make it bit more visually appealing.  I don't want stuff just to have stuff, so I don't want to buy decor. I even have a idea I am considering, but I want to see how it looks before I commit...yes, this has turned out to be cryptic.  Maybe I'm just afraid of seeming foolish...

5. I missed doing quick takes last week because we were on vacation. It was arguably one of the best vacations we have ever taken together as a family. We very much enjoyed our time with our girls, and they got to go to Disney with their grandparents for two days, so we also got some much needed alone time. We even got to have a great dinner with fellow church outcasts that was wonderful for my heart.   

6. Speaking of my BBFF, the church outcast, this is what she does with her life. She is so incredibly amazing! She also is in desperate need of financial support since becoming an outcast like me. If what she does touches your heart too, let me know. I can tell you how you can support her.

7. Last but not least, two years ago this very day, my family and I moved to Milledgeville, It's been one hard, amazing, frustrating, beautiful, eye-opening, breath taking wild ride. I wouldn't change a thing.

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