7 Quick Takes Friday (Ed. 13)

1. Today the weather is changing. It is finally, FINALLY going to crossover into fall. We've had a few hints and false starts after a particularly brutal summer, and now, at last, delicious 40's overnight, lower humidity, flannel jammie pants, soups for dinner. It is fall, fall, fall at last, and I am ready and oh-so-grateful to be living in a place where we again have seasons (despite what the Georgians will say).

2. I feel very emotionally tearful lately. I read things and talk about things and listen to things and find that raspy lump in my throat and the prickling of tears right behind my eyelids. The sheer beauty and heartache, the hard blessings, the breath taking glory that is life seems too much for my heart to contain and it keeps leaking out...

3. I've been mentally preparing all week for this 
It starts tomorrow and I will be blogging about Simply Living.  It's going to be a challenge to write thirty-one days in a row. I'm hoping to start pre-writing and scheduling ahead a few for those days that pop-up (you know the kind I mean) where all rational thought flies out of your head and you start blankly at the screen and wish that weighty words were easy to come by.  I'm excited to explore this concept for myself and my family.

4. Did you ever hate something when you were in school, but now decades (YES, decades ) later you find yourself somewhat obsessed with it? I am like that lately about history. You may remember that earlier this summer I clamored on about the Civil War? Well, I am learning it isn't just the Civil War, it's all of history.  It wasn't that long ago that I participated in a very cool Bible study that helped me to put Biblical history together. It made many ideas, concepts and themes seem to "click." It was an amazing experience and now I am finding that same type of satisfying click from putting world history together. I have checked out a ridiculous number of books (because I do this-glut myself with more than I can possibly ingest on a certain subject) and have since sorted them into a reasonable number of books to read in a six week time period.  These books include an entire world history perspective (and potentially a school book for next year), a World War I perspective (why does nobody know anything about this war, it seems?) and an overview of the Middle Ages. I'm finishing up a short, detailed and marvelous book about 1066 and the Norman invasion.  I am a geek.

5. I'm also enjoying a few books on minimalism and simple living. You'll be hearing more about those throughout the month as I blog. I am reading too many books consecutively right now and trying to finish about five so that I can focus on just 2-3 at a time (which is a reasonable number for me)

6.  Our family is also imposing a spending freeze for the month of October. The goal is to not spend any extra money and to tighten control of necessary spending. We are blessed with abundance which means it's easy to waste a lot by spending a little here and a little there. I want to be much more intentional with what I have been given so this step is painful but necessary.

7. I'm feeling very slothful lately, and I don't like that very much about myself. I read an essay today that reminded me how much I miss running.  It was easy to let it slip away and hard to pick it back up. Late sunrises make it even harder because I so love my morning time with no kids awake yet. But it's time to give that selfish pleasure up and step back into discipline.  Cool mornings are just the encouragement I need to get my feet back on the street...not sporadically, regularly.  I'm a better person when I am a runner. I want that me back.


Maria said...

oh gosh... me too........on all of that....well except #4, I have always loved history, and haven't geeked out it at the moment. Though we are going to the library today.

Pattie said...

My challenge is 31 Days of Writing. :)
But I linked to your blog from mine. Because I love you like that.