Happy New Things Eve

I meant to blog while we were in Florida. I did. But then the weather was scintillating, and the waves were large and mesmerizing, and the company was fabulous, and the food was hedonistic, and the nights were warm and dark and the mornings were consumed with quiet coffee and breath taking sunrises.

I didn't write.

I thought..a lot.  I listened to some things that hurt my heart, and some things that healed it. I laughed. I wore shoulder baring sundresses. I peeled a little bit. I let hunky wait on me and spoil me. I drove with the top down and my hair whipping and my eyes closed. I hugged the piece of my heart that keeps going to a third world country to be Jesus.  I watched lightening flash and rain float and crabs scuttle and pelicans dive. I treated jelly fish stings and sun burns and tired headaches.

I snarked a little bit, but not a lot, because snark floats on the surface of bitterness, and I don't have the time for that mess.

Now we are home, and it is time to re-enter life in a new way, a new place, a new plan...or a return to an old plan that worked and got a little overlooked in the crazy wonderful that was this summer.

I was that little girl (and big girl) that secretly loved the school supply list and unsharpened pencils, new glue and pristine notebooks. We don't really have "back to school" time in our life in the traditional way, but we will start school again tomorrow and with it all the discipline and possibility that September always held for me growing up (or late August, but we won't nit pick here either).

I also have picked some new things to study. Reading Shadow Divers on vacation ( as an aside--so excellent, do read it! ) reawakened the recently discovered history buff in me. Library books have gone on hold.  Speaking of books, in the interest of purging, I have decided to do a bit more book blogging. That will take place here as well as the multiple blog format doesn't really fit me.  I do want to keep track of the books I really enjoy in case I want to read them again one day. I'll just let the library hold them for me instead of the real estate.

Tomorrow we start menu planning and portion control, non-vacation eating habits (we've been eating as though vacation started sometime in June).  I'm tired of eating the same things all the time so we'll be shaking the meals up a bit. I'm sure the girls will hate it.

More prayer, more drawing, more study, more reading, more laughing, more running, more sitting and being, more purging, more sharpening, more time for what matters...all these things that won't happen without focus and a plan. No one just falls into an amazing life; it's work.  Sometimes very hard work. This summer has been a time of great joy and enjoyment, also a time of change, refocus and re-evaluating.

Life is about to get a whole lot better.
Happy New Things Eve!

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lakecrestgirl said...

"No one just falls into an amazing life." What a great point. I'm going to have to think about that some. Good luck with the meal planning and I am sure you are right about the girls. ;)