Saturday Review - 1st Edition

 One of the things I sort of mentally committed to for the fall was 60 ways to improve myself in 100 days. you may or may not have noticed that I  made a page to which I am adding notes, progress, comments and tweaks that my own plan will follow.  You certainly aren't obligated to check it or read it, but I know some of my friends, and I know they are interested in that sort of thing.  It's also something I enjoy, so I'll be continuing to track.

Item Number #26 suggests  conducting a weekly review of the week and ask yourself: What went wrong, what went right, what did you accomplish...

What went wrong... Well we still don't have a working washer and that provided some frustrating moments, but I'm not sure how you plan for that anyway. Our car won't start, also not a scheduled event. I ordered the wrong answer key to go with my daughter's math book, and upon ordering a new one my ebay account was broken into.  I don't really know yet when or if I will be receiving the right text book. This means I am honing my math skills by checking math on my own brain power.  This also, a problem that wasn't really foreseeable. I still don't have a real working house work schedule and consequently I felt behind often during a fairly packed week. I did not exercise. I'd cry rain but mostly it was just laziness.

What went right...Menu planning continues to be a success.  Some great conversation moments with the girls. Despite the math book debacle, the first week of school was a smooth success.  Lots of good books checked out from the library. LOTS of good time with friends new and old. Quality Hunky time.  I even took a nap this week.  Baby biting in the nursery on Wednesday rocked! A fabulous trip to the International Market and a fun side trip to the monastery. I did not die a fiery death by out of control tractor trailer jackknife. I re-evaluated some time management. Finished a few good books.  Made a compost bin. Laughed a lot.

I am changing the last question because I feel like it is just restating what went right. Or maybe I look at accomplishments differently than most people.  Either way...this is the new question:

What I hope to accomplish this week...

  • Exercise
  • Develop a loose house work schedule
  • Draw
  • Make another 2 week menu plan and better recipe tracking
  • Mentor meeting, book read get-together (s?)
  • Better organized school (this week was quite smooth and much was accomplished, but I can do a bit more towards being prepared)
  • Spend intentional time with my children
  • Make 4-5 housework/ organizing goals and meet them
  • Make a Daily Docket and Eat the frog
  • Finish one book

Hopefully, this type of review will become a weekly habit AND I hope to contain a lot of my listing and planning to this post, so those of you who aren't into that sort of thing can skip Saturday and just pop in the other days of the week.


Pattie said...

Overall, a good overview :)

Maria said...

a good review and a good kick in the pants.m :-)