September Song

I bet if I looked at each September I have blogged, I would have a post with this title. I love the song, and I love the month.  September is the pivotal month where everything changes, sometimes it happens slowly and gently, summer sneaks out barefoot quiet and the next thing you know you need socks in the mornings. Sometimes it's dramatic with thunder and lightening and the cool breeze whips in and takes your breath away. Sometimes it creeps in after sunset, sharpening the stars and cooling the dew, crisping the breeze and ruffling the leaves whispering "Change, change, change."  However it happens, it never fails to happen, unless you live in Florida.  I did, and every year September made me melancholy and cranky because its seasonal promise doesn't extend that far south. I yearned for it.

September has always been, for me, a big goal month. It's when I realize that the year truly is beginning it's last verse, and that all the things I hoped for in January really do have a time table. If I want to end the year better than I began it, I will have to get on the ball. Don't be intimidated here, I will soon be distracted by the shiny, cool sunshine in October, and the holiday magic of November and December, but I still love the goals.  While often they are lofty, I do manage to complete some of them, and enjoy the process of amending or deleting the rest. It's how I'm wired. I embrace it.

This September also starts with a delicious assembly of new things: new home, new desire to embrace minimalism, new budget (see minimalism), new life group, new school term, new exercise regimen, and our first real family vacation since we moved to Georgia, which will be two years this month. New. New. New. New. New. I love new.

Ironically with all this new-ness, the nablopomo theme this month is Return which also feels strangely perfect. Having been much, much more regular about posting, I am setting a goal this month of posting every day, and the nostalgia that always seems to accompany the shift from summer to fall, makes this theme the perfect way to explore both old and new. Love it.

"When autumn weather turns leaves to flame, one hasn't got time for the waiting game. Oh the days muddle down to a precious few: September.... November.... And these few precious days, I'll spend with you. These precious days I'll spend with you." ~ September Song

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