31 Days of Simply Living - Day 1

  ***I have the most beautiful button for this project. It's simply lovely and breathtaking and I absolutely cannot wait to share it here. Only I waited until the. last. possible second  (read: yesterday afternoon after I saw all the other buttons and proceeded to covet greatly) to ask my great friend and personal button designer to whip it up, so it's not here yet. I'm all not forward thinking like that. She is creating the most amazing button of all the 31 buttons though because she is so wonderful just like that.*** **UPDATE: THE BUTTON IS DONE AND IT IS AWESOME! All 31 days posts will include this button at the beginning.

It wasn't hard for me to pick a theme for the next 31 Days. Living simply (some circles call it minimalism) has been something that has intrigued me for some time, and to be honest, I thought I lived rather simply. This summer we moved across town and what I discovered was this: I have a LOT of crap, and most of it, I don't love. Much of it, I don't even like. This is a problem.

Two years ago we moved to Georgia from Florida. The house we owned in Florida didn't sell, didn't sell, didn't sell, went into foreclosure and eventually we were forced to file for bankruptcy (You can read a little bit about that here and a little more right here ). We moved here within a month of losing our job in Florida. We couldn't afford to wait for the house to sell,  so obviously, buying another house wasn't on the table. Then with the bankruptcy, buying a house still isn't on the table.  But to be completely honest, our home in Florida, while we loved it, and we did love it, weighed us down. Greatly. It drained our money and in today's economy, it stole our freedom.  Even without the bankruptcy, home-ownership is not something we feel called to pursue again.  Which of course means that any place we go, isn't going to be a permanent situation.  This brings us back around to the problem. Stuff is a liability when you know that  your living situation is temporary.

But living simply goes far beyond just stuff. It's about freedom: to live, to breathe, to explore, to relax, to enjoy. Getting rid of stuff, physical, emotional and spiritual is not just about the purge, it's about the filling up as well. Because let's face it, our lives are going to be filled with something: stuff, or wants, or busyness; joy, or hope, or exploration, but we get to choose what it is.  That's what 31 days of Simply Living is about.  Not just getting rid of what I don't love, but filling up with what I do love and really enjoying it.

What you won't find here over the next thirty days are how-to lists, instructions, or guidelines. My life doesn't and isn't going to look like yours. Your simple can never be my simple because we love different people, things and lifestyles. I can't tell you how to find simplicity. What I hope you will find here is inspiration, some laughter, ideas, beauty and Hope. Maybe you too will be encouraged to discover life can be more with less, and finding less isn't as difficult or overwhelming as it may seem.

**There are a great many of us 31-Dayers. You can find more that may interest you here.**


Pattie said...

I hear you on the blog button envy. That's a skill set I do NOT have.

The Nester said...

stuff and houses can so weigh us down, well said!

stephanie @ Simple Things said...

Very cool. :) Can't wait to read more.