7 Quick Takes (Edition 15)

1. The last seven days have been super crazy in many wonderful ways, crazy busy, crazy no-regular-schedule because of wonderful house guests, crazy weather, crazy arrival of the new worship leader so now my Hunky can slowly go back to doing just his job instead of two people's jobs. Crazy, crazy, Crazy. So I declared today and tomorrow my days off...no school, no cleaning, no anything I don't want to do. I'm all selfish like that.

2. Tomorrow I am also participating in Dewey's Read-a-thon!


I certainly won't make it twenty-four hours, but it will be good to sit around and read and blog all day. Who turns down an opportunity to do that?

3. The weather is once again gloriously, deliciously cool and fallish. I have given up any hope of swimming again this season (sadness) but last night the twilight came early and I lit the twinkly fairy light (which now light up the whole sunroom) and the candles and snuggled down into my sweatshirt and remembered all the reasons I am madly in love with fall. Now we just need firewood for the fire pit.

4. Tonight the children are having a sleepover with the fabulous Miss Tish which means DATE NIGHT WITH HUNKY! I don't think we've had any time alone really since we hit the ground running after vacation. I don't even know for sure what we are going to do (or if we are just staying here and laying like broccoli--I could do that too with no complaints). Either way, I'm totally ecstatic.

5. I have been a very good girl this week as me and Sara-bo-Beara (when she texts and calls, that is exactly what pops up on my phone) have been working through the artists way.  Though my confession is that I am totally sitting here writing this blog without having done my morning pages yet. REBELLIOUS! Those are totally coming up next. I won't be posting them.

6. This week I bought myself a totally awesome and happy making khaki dress jacket (like the kind you wear over something in layers not the protect you from the weather kind of jacket) and also a very cool bracelet and necklace. This is not necessarily in character for me, but The Artists Way told me to take myself out on a date, and Hayley at The Tiny Twig has been teaching me about a versatile wardrobe these past twenty days (and for the next 10 as well) and I need a few items to complete my 333 wardrobe through the holidays.  I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing.

7. I found out this week that we are staying in town this year for Thanksgiving. I'm kind of excited about the prospect of a just us holiday.  I'm also pondering ways to make the time fun and maybe not-so-traditional. Don't worry hunky, there will be sausage stuffing no matter what. We don't often get a string of days where there won't be much (or hopefully anything) required of us professionally or socially. So it has the potential for some great family time. I also am trying to not think about Christmas while actually thinking about Christmas. I always feel very rushed by early December. I must start now to try and curb that a little bit. And don't tell the kiddos, but while my mom was here we ordered them Kindles for Christmas from her. I'm geeked FOR them! WOOT WOOT!


Aisling Beatha said...

Wish I could do the readathon but we'll be at a conference at church 1pm till late tomorrow (other than a break to come home for dinner) and I reckon it would be frowned upon to sit there reading all day!

Pattie said...

Yay for kindles!
Yay for this happy post!
Yay for holidays coming up! This year will be our first maybe ever holidays without some family coming to visit.