7 Quick Takes:: Edition 16

  1. I debated whether or not to do a quick takes post today, but it is Friday and since I have been posting on a particular subject ( Simply Living for 31 Days of Change ) I don't always share what's going around this crazy place so I thought I would go ahead and do one. If you read it all is up to you.  *grins*  Incidentally, I am planning to create another theme for November through thanksgiving and a theme for Advent so that I have a reason to post daily. I don't want to get back out of the groove.
  2. I've decided if I am going to be writing more at the computer ( and I am ) that I want to move my desk to a window that looks out on the lake. Right now it looks at...the wall.  Not very exciting. I will be considering how to facilitate that move today.  
  3. This week has been a strange, odd, off-kilter, spiritually heavy week.  Even Hunky and I had a small fall-out, and that doesn't happen. Satan has been up in our junk all over the place and that's after the humanness of humanity has worn us down.  On top of that, our lead pastor is on a very well deserved vacation so Hunky isn't getting his day off today, but we did sneak in a little pancake date at IHOP before the girls got up today.  Weeks like this are difficult, but it's been interesting to me to look back over it and note the growth in response and reaction. Sometimes I think I might actually be growing up a little. About the time I start to consistently get things right should be right about the time I kick the bucket. 
  4. I know that I have lived in a small town long enough to soak in the culture when I simply can't let this blog go by without mentioning that the new Kroger opened in town! I don't know if you have ever been inside one of Kroger's deluxe stores, but oh. my. stars it is crazy nice in there (And after shopping at the very dirty and disgusting Milledgeville Walmart for two years, I am a bit starved for a decent grocery store). It's also literally about a mile and a half from the house. If I plan my week right, some weeks I never even have to leave Log Cabin Rd.  A homebody like me can get behind that kind of convenience. Hunky has done the shopping for so long, it may be a struggle to get him to let me go more than once a month, but I may fight a little harder now when it comes to shopping time.
  5. It's been a week since I stepped away from facebook.  I must really mean it in my mind because I actually do not miss it. Before I've taken breaks and thought about it and wondered what was going on and snuck peeks in, but this time...I just don't miss it.  I do hate that there are some people that can't seem to find another way to regularly interact with them, but I am going to find a way. It may even involve real words on real paper in the real mail. THERE is a novel concept!
  6. We live within a stones throw of the tiny local airport (no literally, I can walk the 500 ft to the end of my street and watch small planes take off.  It's probably not as cool as I think it is, but I think it's uber-cool)  One of the planes that regularly flies from there is a little barnstormer that flies out over the lake and does tricks. Every evening that I have managed to be outside this week, he is there. Twirling and flying upside down, and --this one makes my heart stop every time--flying straight up and then slowly coming to a moment where he hangs...still...then the plane falls to the right or left and he zooooooooooooooms down towards the water, or occasionally, disconcertingly, my roof.  It makes my heart pound to watch him.  I love that a few times a week we get a free airshow while we enjoy the sunset over the lake. It's just one more reason to remember that I am God's favorite.
  7. My girls are attending a 70's costume party Sunday night. We went out to Goodwill in the next town over - because it's enormous - and found some great outfits for the girls. They are so hilarious in their excitement discussing hair styles and make up and other things that aren't normally such a big part of our everyday conversations. They all get to wear tall platform shoes so they have been practicing walking in those...the whole thing is highly amusing to me. I'm pretty excited about helping to do their hair and seeing the finished product. They are certain they will win the contest. I hope they do!

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the simple essentials said...

I just found your blog today and I feel like we have been thinking alike. I was thinking about having a theme for each month as well and I was thinking about switching rooms to write since I wanted more natural light. I almost thought that we lived in the same area because they just finished building a brand new Kroger' near where I live! Spooky. :-) Stop by and visit my site when you have time.