7 Quick Takes Friday ( Ed. 14 )

1. I missed writing a quick takes last week because we drove a couple hours over to Newnan to allow the geeks to recharge in each others' company and because I desperately needed Cheri therapy. I have many amazing, wonderful, incredible, beautiful friends, but last week I need a friend whose face I could look into while I spoke, and who wasn't in any way, shape or form related to my church family. God's so awesome that he orchestrated mine and Cheri's broken pieces so that form of support would be there when I needed it.  The fact that he threw in utterly gorgeous weather? That's just because God likes to show off a bit.

2. I wouldn't have thought that two fairly rough weeks in row could both have such a hidden gem of a day in them, but yesterday we went to the Atlanta Zoo with our small friends (and their mom, Windy who is small but whom I don't generally refer to as small friend since she is more my size--which is also small).  Apparently we walked around in a gorgeous weather bubble as all around us it was storming, hailing, tornado-ing, catastrophic winding and all other manner of real life disasters. We ambled through the zoo delighting in every last baby animal. Tigers, pandas, giraffes and joeys were not only visible, they flaunted and frolicked and showed off.  There was also an ice cream stop at one of the world's best Dairy Queens. The deliciousness of my pumpkin pie blizzard was only eclipsed by the utter joy and immersion of one five year old who lived the experience of eating a simple vanilla cone in a way that was almost spiritual. It was awesome.

3. I still haven't done ANY drawing this month. None, but I want to learn to draw birds. I am fascinated by birds.  

4. If you aren't a regular follower you may not know that all this month I have been writing on the theme of Simply Living for 31 days of Change .  There are an amazing number of us ardently seeking to change something in our lives (somewhere over 600 bloggers are participating).  I stretched my normal reading zones and am following some interior decorator blogs and some fashion blogs.  It's been a wonderful experience for me, in what I am writing and learning and in what others are sharing.  You can read all of my Simply Living blogs so far this month at this link

5. I cut bangs into my hair for fall.  I am loving them.  It's not a mind boggling thing to share, but it's making me happy. It's the little things. 

6. This week some of my own demons reared their heads (Hunky got a quadruple portion of demonic nastiness but that's his story to tell, not mine). My impulse to pull in, protect, close off, and shut out yelled loudly and insistently.  Shadows of Florida fell over me and for a tiny bit I let them blot out the light of truth.  But each day God is showing me that I don't have to let the mistakes of my past keep being the mistakes of my present.  I don't have to believe that the actions of others in the past will be rewritten in the present.  And I don't have to expose myself to poisonous situations in an effort to prove either of these things to myself or anyone else. God will fight for me. I need only be still.

7. Today is our sabbath. The sun is shining brilliantly and fall is full ensconced. I feel like clam chowder will be part of our evening and a quick trip to the library will round out a day in which my mind and soul will simply rest. It is good....even thousands of years later it is good.

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