Saturday Review (2nd Edition)

You can read a bit more about Saturday review, what it is and why I am doing it HERE

Don't forget that I am participating in the 31 Days Project. My first post: 31 Days of Simply Living is here

And now down to business:

What went Wrong:  It's actually pretty satisfying to look back over a week and think to yourself  "Hmmmm, what DID go wrong?" and that's kind of where I am this week. It is a good feeling.  But there are a few things I want to do better.

  • Exercise. Still not doing it like I should, several days of rain didn't help that. This week shows clear and cool, a perfect morning exercise routine building week
  • I didn't eat well. I don't mean I ate badly. I mostly, just didn't eat. I need to start having easy lunches available to me. That's something to plan
  • Still spent to much time "escaping/ avoiding on the computer. I already have my plan in place to combat that issue. It includes a pretty strict and productive morning routine
What went Right: Over all, I call it a very good week. School went well. I may have stumbled on a solution for youngest and some of the attitude (It costs her money now to throw a pout or make a grand stomping exit. Apparently money is the way to change her behavior. We were not going down a good path).  Looking at last week's "hope to accomplish list" I can say these things worked:

  • I did begin to outline a daily housework plan, AND determined that the last week of each month will be a deep clean week. This week will be a tweaking, shifting what needs shifting and settling into a routine.  My goal is 30-45 minutes of cleaning time a day (not including dinner and clean-up).
  • Finished two books (I'm on the tail end of two more. Maybe this weekend...)
  • I did "Eat the Frog" each day but didn't do a daily docket, BUT daily docket will be part of my evening routine starting tonight.
  • Morning pages. I'm doing them. I'm enjoying them. I'm making them work for me rather than fretting if I don't "fit the mold"
What I hope to Accomplish this week :

  • 5 days of exercise
  • Morning/ Evening routines
  • Finish One book
  • Finalize housework routine
  • Actually draw this week - trying Kaizen. Starting with 10 minutes 3 times a week
  • Menu plan for three weeks (we actually had enough here and not as many nights at home so that we didn't shop or make a formal plan. I just knew what was here and used it)

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