Saturday Review (Ed 4)

Several weeks ago I implemented a Saturday review here on my blog. (You can read all of them here, as you see there are only four so far). Last week I made it part of the 31 days, but this week I will be making my 31 day entry separately. It will, of course, have the lovely button you are accustomed to seeing.

I've also decided to add a highlights section for the week. Just because that appeals to me.


  • A blustery, gusty, gorgeous run on Monday
  • A refreshing coffee and a book date with the lovely Jacy on Wednesday (I got a small free salted caramel latte to wrap up the great date)
  • The fabulous trip to the zoo with some of my favorite people ending with a gorgeous rainbow on Thursday
  • Sabbath (albeit a rather puttery Sabbath) on Friday
School was did; life was lived; stuff was purged; books were completed; communication was shared; breakthroughs were made. The good and the hard came together and made for a lovely (though quite rainy) week.

What went wrong:
 I let the rain interfere with my exercising. There ARE things I can do inside, I just don't love doing them. I also distract myself from doing the work of exercising by convincing myself that the work of purging is more important. It IS important, but not more important than taking care of myself. I must remember that the run is when my mind empties and my thoughts clear. God speaks on the run.

What went right:
  • Morning and evening routines are going well. They get one more week on the list here and then they are counted as habits and we move on to the next thing.
  • still blogging away for 31 days of change. Kind of proud of myself
  • finished a few books. Always happy about that.
  • Worked through Unclutter Your Life in One Week. My honest thoughts are, it's a lot for one week. A whole lot. I want to work through it again and hit the parts I just didn't have time for this time, but that said, there is a phenomenal amount of ideas, tips and solutions in the book. I purchased it for Kindle earlier this summer and to me, it's well worth the $8 to have as a reference
  • Trying out the 333 project in my closet
  • Finally got a little decorating in my bathroom done
What I Hope to Accomplish Next Week:
  • I picked up The Artists Way from the library and am planning on working on it with my lovely friend Sayruh. I'm already doing morning pages anyway so it seemed like a good next step
  • I must must must finish the book The Shallows so it can be returned to the library and because it's on the agenda to be part of a blog this week. Very interesting and convicting read.
  • Keep the housework routine running smoothly. My Mom will be in town so there won't be a lot of extra projects going on.

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ang klocke said...

If you'd like to own a copy of The Artist's Way instead, I'll send you mine. :)