Simple Living: Day 14: A Hodge Podge of Thoughts

I have many thoughts today. Some may be expounded upon more later (we do have 17 more days of exploring this way of life) but I all bears at least touching on today.
I didn't do much out of Unclutter your Life in One Week today.  It covered mental topics more than physical decluttering -- scheduling, routines, calendars, productivity.  While I am not great about calendars and scheduling, when I am disciplined and stick to it, I do a pretty effective job. My method doesn't lack even though my motivation often does.

In fact, earlier this week, I made up this little guy:

This would be a dry erase Daily Docket as found at Simple Mom. I am horrible at remembering to print them, and I also have paper waste guilt so this is my solution. What you see written here is done in Sharpie so it does not erase. Each day I can fill it in with dry erase markers. I'm pretty excited about getting regular use out of it. 

I've been really enjoying my daily reading of minimalist blogs and e-books. Today I ran across this:

I do appreciate the clean simple beauty of the all white and clean lines, but as I looked at it, I realized this is not me. And it's not ever going to be me. That is part of the beauty of this journey.  I'm enjoying discovering what does matter. What is me, and  how I best express that.  I am really enjoying reading what works for other people on the same journey but what I am enjoying most of all is the overarching message from all of them that what it's really about is narrowing my focus to what matters to me as an individual and within my family and making that work in the best possible way for me and us. (If you missed my blog with helpful links to some of what I am reading, you can click right here )

I read one of the most fabulously, ridiculously simple explanations of how to pursue change I have ever read today. It isn't that I don't already know and apply the principles, it's that it's broken down so very succinctly and encouragingly that I had to share it here as well: How I changed my life in four lines

I'm still unpacking all that was wonderful about yesterday.  It was a sort of microcosm of the crazy, silly, loud, slightly chaotic, joyful, awesome, breathtaking, beautiful, occasionally difficult, miraculous changing wonder that is my life. It would have been an ordinary wonderful day until the miracle of the rainbows happened.  As I said there aren't words to possibly share how beautiful the experience was here, but it became something spiritual when my dear friend who is a missionary in Haiti posted a picture at the exact same time:

Rainbow in Georgia
rainbow over Haiti

There's no preparing for this sort of event, there's only the willingness to embrace it when it happens. I'm finding that the more I make the time to narrow my focus to the things that truly matter the more moments I have to embrace.  

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