Simply Living: Day 10: Closet Jamboree

Today we got down to the nitty gritty: a second purge wave, this one post-move. We've actually done a decent job since we moved disposing of things that we found we don't need, but some things found a home before we really had a chance to determine if we wanted to keep them or not.  I am using the book Unclutter Your life in One Week to work through the process.  I do not want to take away from book sales or infringe on copyrights, so I won't be sharing more than the basic outline of the book's plan. It is filled with practical suggestions that can be implemented without trips to buy storage containers of any kind.

Mondays Assignment: Closet, Desk (office), Entryway

First of all, I don't work outside the home so I don't have an office desk, and I cleaned and organized my desk last week. Today I made sure that it was maintaining being organized and because I purged some books last week, I moved 7-8 books that were on my desk (neatly) to the bookshelf where they are more at home. They are not books that I will ever be purging so they need a permanent position.

The entryway assignment has to do with a working in and out station--a place for mail, backpacks, papers, book bags. This is not something that fits our lifestyle in the least. My entry way is clean, I have a mail system.  So I just skipped this part.

Closets. Here is where things got nitty gritty. First of all, I had the girls go through their clothes and straighten closets. We were very ruthless before the move and they all have nice big closets in their new rooms, so this part of the day took about 30 minutes.  Their closets are neat and organized. Clothes are hung neatly with space to be seen, drawers are neat and not stuffed. A few items were purged and some were passed around. The bonus of having close aged girls is that if one of them doesn't want an item of clothing, it's a fair bet someone else will. I also reorganized the hall linen closet (and some time this week I will be sorting and purging bags. I have an OBSCENE number, but they are neatly stored for today). Organizing the hall closet meant the girls bathroom linen closet also got some attention, and lost some items.

Then came the big distraction/ revelation. Apparently I had a divine appointment with a new way to simplify. I ran across the Project 333 website as I was about to enter my closet and decided to give it a try. We are making the change to fall and winter weather so after I sorted my summer clothes into the keep and discard piles, I put away the keepers in the cedar chest where my sweaters live in the summer time. My closet currently has 36 items, not 33, including shoes. I am deciding what else can be taken out (not at easy task) but even so, it looks great and I know I like, and fit into, and look good in every item in it.
I've been following Hayley at Tiny Twig. She is doing 31 days to a no brainer wardrobe. I'm learning a lot about layers, classics, and mix and match fashion which I like.
I also spent some time reading this article, specifically the closet section. I have no doubt I will be reading it more as I go through this week.

To sum it up, Day 1 of more Uncluttering week was a raging success. We are planning a day at the zoo for Thursday so I will be looking ahead to that day's areas and make some time on other days to tackle them since we won't be here.

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Pattie said...

Awesome! I read quite a bit about purging clothing last year & I downsized a lot during our moves. While I don't have only 33 items, I do wear most of what I have, and the few things I don't often wear, I need to keep for the occasional formal events we occasionally have :) I love the wisdom of your choices :)