Simply Living: Day 11: Personal areas

Today was the day in Unclutter Your Life in One Week that I was scheduled to clean the bathrooms....clean, reorganize, finally decorate the parental bath that we were just happy to have working when we moved in.
I did these things. There will be pictures. I am actually starting to like my bathroom now when before it was too blah.

Bathrooms are funny places. They are the spaces where we are most vulnerable and most easily embarrassed or ashamed.  I find it funny that today would be the day I handled making the bathrooms more publicly pleasing when it's a day I would most like to lock myself into a small room and not come out.

Being a pastor's wife is hard. I don't let a lot of people into my personal spaces, and today...well, I'm just feeling too protective for public consumption.

I'm simply apologizing because sometimes, life just isn't simple. And today is just one of those unsimple days where purging isn't really an option.

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Lifes A Dance said...

much love to you. You are an inspiration more than you realize. You are doing what God has called you to do even on these days when you don't feel like it. I just will be praying for perseverance and just to feel His peace surrounding you.