Simply Living: Day 12: Breathing Space

You know how you clean and organize and clean and organize and purge and organize and purge and clean and then one amazing day it feels like everything has settled and  there is room to breath? Today was that magical day for me.
I'm still following Unclutter Your Life in One Week and very much enjoying it. I have concluded that the "one week" time frame is pretty much only if you are willing to devote everything you have to decluttering that week. Which is absolutely not unreasonable, but also hasn't been an option for me this week. What I have tackled is a much improved, and what I haven't will still be there next week, or next month, or whenever I get to it ( I am considering a second week working through the book, but not blogging it because really, who wants to read about my bathroom adventures two weeks in a row?).

Rather than detail the items tediously, I will share what I have done that works for me:

You can read the details of Monday (Closets) here

Yesterday I tackled the bathrooms. Two of them needed no more than twenty minutes detailing what was already organized. Our bathroom is an add-on bathroom that sat unused for several years before we moved in, so it had a great deal of work done and it's a bit of a challenge since it has not one drawer, shelf, or cabinet. It does have a pretty rockin' medicine cabinet.
It needed a little loving and something bring out the beauty. I hung a plate rack we had stored in the closet and some pretty plates that we hadn't yet determined if they were staying or going (here we sacrificed a little function for some beauty) but the shelves of the rack can also be used functionally.
I added a toilet paper stacker so toilet paper isn't just piled on the floor, and hung the toilet paper dispenser so I'm not wrestling the paper from the back of the toilet in my time of need.
More purging of general stuff that I don't use or want. I have overcome my intense dislike of those walmart rolling drawer sets and made the one we do have in there as functional as possible. I'd like to put up one more shelf (small) by the sink and a towel rack, but that's a project for another time.

I know, riveting.

Today I used those small storage containers (the size of the ones you use if you have ever sent Operation Christmas child gifts) and organized my sock and personals drawers. SO NICE AND CLEAN AND HANDY. I purged a pile of old, stretched, frayed and unmatched undergarments.

I also finally figured out what to put on oddly-high-over-the-closet-shelf. It's absolutely not functional, but pretty, and that makes me happy. I didn't buy anything new to fill it, just used what was already here.

Which led to me clearing all the flat surfaces (tops of bookcases,etc.) in the living room. That is making me very happy.

I emptied the crate that I have been wanting to use as my bedside book and notebook stash holder (I will always have a pile of books, bibles and notebooks by my bed. That's not going to change because it. works. for. me. So I may as well make it pleasing to the eye.)

There still seems to be a slow but steady stream of questionable items flowing into the laundry room area which has become the staging area of "store it or stash it". Sometime this weekend I will need to go in there and make some decisions. I don't want it to become a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Tomorrow the girls and I are all headed to the zoo, and you will get lovely pictures of all the happy spaces I have touched on so far this week!

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