Simply Living: Day 16: Simply Sunday

It's been a long Sunday and tonight I find myself at somewhat of a loss.  Seventeen hours, two services, one book group meeting and five kids under five for three hours and  the arrival of your Mom for a few days stay will fill your day rather completely, and leave you with few inspirations to work with on the blog.
I know many people call Sunday a day of rest but for us, it isn't, and it won't be (We take our Sabbath on Fridays), but I have to say where before Sundays like this wore. me. flat. out, I actually find myself tired but still filled at the end of this day.  We also open our home every other Sunday to host a small life group. Six couples and twelve kids eat, play, laugh, hang out and share together for a few hours. This too, no longer overwhelms me. I can credit many things with the difference in my attitude, but I think most of all is the fact that any more, I feel unencumbered. There is nothing that needs cleaning, organizing, straightening or hiding to the point that we can't let our community spill in and out of our home any day and for many reasons. I used to think that this sort of lifestyle would never fit comfortably on this introverted frame, but instead I am finding that peace can be influenced as much from without as within.

Eight children and seven adults rolled in, rolled out, stayed, chatted, played webkinz, played lion king, had dinner, had a pajama parade and brought in luggage and I still look around and see only peace, peace that wasn't difficult to start out with or maintain.  As I stopped and took the time to watch a giant orange moon rise over the island and reflect off the water, as I caught a quick glimpse of two falling stars, I realized...some journeys take you farther than you thought to hope for. This journey is one.

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Pattie said...

Ahh, peace.