Simply Living: Day 18: Simply Tired

Life has been more than busy since last Saturday. Even though some busy is the most wonderful, laughter filled, productive, enjoyable kind of busy eventually, it catches up with you. That time is now for me. We have had days of friends and laughter and family and fun things and long walks and dogs, and sweet brown eyed boys and lunch with new friends and boat rides. Everyday I climb in bed, way too late, and think about how blessed I am, then I set my alarm for very early so I can steal a few hours for myself before the kids and family and friends all begin again.

It's a good way to live. I am not complaining. At all.

But tonight is the night that my body reminds me that if there is one way I am still not taking care of it, its the area of enough sleep. Truly healthy people need 7-9 hours of sleep a night --don't say not me, yes you. You need at least 7 hours of sleep. You may be regularly getting less, like I am, but it's showing itself in other little ways in your mental and physical performance for every hour you short yourself.  I tend to fall in the seven hours is enough range. But I haven't been getting that lately, either.
I could blame many things: busy schedule, getting some Hunky time after the kids are in bed, reading in bed (hey it's not sleep but it's like sleep, right? WRONG), finishing up house work, writing a 31 days blog..all of these things are culprits and none of them are evil, but they are robbing me of enjoyment during my day because I am combating the lingering effects of sleep shortage now several days running.

So tonight, it's 10:04 and after a fairly (oh let's face it, utterly) uninteresting blog I am off to do the best thing I could possibly do for myself tonight.

Tomorrow may be simply wonderful again. I want to be fully awake for it.


Pattie said...

That last line is priceless. Sleep well, my friend.

Aisling Beatha said...

Sleep well, and pleasant dreams!