Simply Living: Day 19: Simply Reality

 Can I be honest for a moment? This week, I've been winging it. I started out the month strong and with a plan. The first two weeks flew by easy peasy! Then we had a surprise visit from my Mom (no this is not me complaining, at all. It is me acknowledging a sudden gear shift), and this week I never managed to formulate the rest of the plan and most nights I sit here and write the first thing that comes to mind the very last thing before I go to bed. No doubt, you've noticed.

Tonight there were twelve babies in the nursery at church. Besides wanting to take them all home, my brain now feels like jello.  I am always amused that when I say I want to make X change for Y result, God will always send instead Y-squared to ensure that yes, indeed, I really meant I want to make that change. The answer is YES! I DO! But I really would like to have a chance to make a blog plan before that.

What has happened is that this week I have determined that this simple style absolutely does make dropping everything and picking it back up again four days later is absolutely doable with a small amount of maintenance. That alone makes the whole experiment worth it.  I am anxious to see how it changes during a bit more routine series of weeks. Maybe that will happen after Christmas....

...and then sometimes you have more to say but your Mom realizes that she left her debit card at the restaurant downtown where you ate lunch and you have to drive downtown tonight to go get it because she is leaving in the morning. These are the curveballs life can send at you.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, better blogging, with vision (and fewer curveballs)

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