Simply Living: Day 23: Simply Learning

I almost didn't go this route with my writing today because it seems as though this is the post that should come at the end. At the same time, it kind of intrigues me to write it now with just barely over a week to go, because I can't wait to see what else gets revealed in the last days of this adventure. To begin with, I have circled around this concept of less for some years without ever really doing anything about it whole-heartedly.  I was very convicted when I moved that I had preached more than I practiced, and then this lovely little project fell right in my lap. Without further ado, I leaped.

I honestly didn't know what to expect when I began. I'd read some blogs and picked up a few e-books. I had some concepts in mind.  I have no doubt that divine intervention has certainly guided many of my choices and changes. This is a permanent lifestyle change, and I am barely better than the merest infant on the journey, but I want to share what the last ten days of absolute schedule chaos have  shown me about this way of life.

  • My schedule can be the most off-routine, non-stop, out of whack kind, and my home can still be an absolute oasis, and I barely have to work to maintain it.
  • I am happier, more relaxed and more spontaneous when piles of things aren't lurking in the closets and dust bunnies aren't lurking under the furniture (sometimes there are still clean laundry beasts hanging out in the dryer. I am a work in progress)
  • I can have anyone over any time for any reason without stress, strain or struggle. That makes me very happy.
  • Stripping away the urgent and clutter exposes my true priorities so glaringly that I wonder how I ever missed them before.
  • Not constantly feeling buried and behind has to be one of the most freeing things I have ever experienced.
  • For the first time in...well...as long as I can remember I asked myself  "What will I do with this (period of time) - not because I was ignoring things that needed doing, but because I actually had time to play with.
  • Cultural lies are insidious and devastating - neither family, personal nor financial health have any place in society's purview. I'm off the carousel. It goes no where.
  • I can actually be fashionable.
  • I am excited when I get up in the morning about what the day will bring
I could stop today and feel like the last three weeks were beautiful and bountiful and worth the effort, but instead I am accountable for at least one more week...and after that, well, with benefits like these, who in their right mind would stop learning before she'd squeezed out every last drop.

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