Simply Living: Day 27: Simple Gestures

**true confession I started this yesterday, the 27th, but didn't post it until today, the 28th**

I received a wonderful gift today (actually I received innumerable wonderful gifts, but this is the one that brought all the others into focus.) The gift is a thermal coffee cup, meant for travel and such, and on the outside is a little collage pattern that says "Pastor's wife." It's cute and sweet, and came at the perfect time, right at the point where "We see your sacrifice and we love you for it" was a literal balm to my heart.

It made me think about all the times someone stopped to take the extra two minutes to look me in the eye and listen, to smile, to let me into traffic when there wasn't a break for miles, to let me check out ahead of them when I had two items and they had fifty.  Sometimes those moments are the difference between a good day and just climbing back into bed.

I won't lie and say I don't like a big production (anyone who has ever lived the month leading up to my birthday knows that isn't true), but I really believe that it's the little things that make the most difference, that lead to lasting change in this world.  Now that I am not always rushing around with agendas and schedules to meet, I want to make sure I don't miss the chances to make those little gestures every chance I get.  Change agents don't just see the big opportunities, they see the small ones too, and act on them right then.

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