Simply Living: Day 29: Simply Flawed

I missed my simply living post yesterday. I thought about it, but I didn't do it. I thought about back posting for it this morning but then I had to drive out to our old house and try to retrieve the birthday presents I bought for my daughter that I accidentally had shipped out there. They weren't on the porch, which meant we had to get in touch with our old landlord (who lives right next door and who went a little crazy when we moved) to see if he had them. He apparently doesn't want to see my face since his response was "I'll set them on the front porch, and you can get them"  (keep in mind when my husband called him, I was literally 30 seconds away in the next driveway.) That whole situation is going to baffle me forever.

When I finally got back home I decided that no, I wasn't going to worry about one dropped day in a month of days. In fact, I am going to expound on it.  You see, it's easy to visit a blog, especially a blog whose sole subject has been self improvement this month, and walk away thinking "Wow, this person has it all together!"  I look fine on paper.  In real life, I don't, at all, have it all together. Case in point: today's little field trip to the old abode. So I thought maybe we would all feel a bit better if I showcased a few of my flaws, just to gain a little balance.

  • I'm a piler. I make piles of clothes instead of putting them away. I am constantly fighting piles by my bed (of books, notebooks, papers, pens because I like to sit on my bed and read and write)
  • My car - it's a wreck. I have not cleaned it at all since we moved when I treated it like a combination dump truck and U-haul.  We won't even discuss the last time soap and water touched it.
  • I'm not happy that the Cardinals won the World Series, not because I really even care about baseball, but because someone who hurt us deeply in the past loves them.
  • Some days I have to grit my teeth to not just yell at my kids "Could you just back up and give me some breathing space and silence for six to eight hours for THE LOVE OF PETE!"
  • I spend too much money on books for my Kindle
  • I really, really struggle with following through to end of things (My friend Megan calls herself a professional quitter-- I relate)
  • I made biscuits the other night that were so awful we threw every last one in the trash. I don't even know what I did to mess them up!
  • I burn bridges - quickly and without regret.  This can be very healthy, but it also can lead to some hurt feelings on the part of others and lack of mercy and grace on the part of myself.
  • I'm a recovering perfectionist.  I still battle it daily.
  • I can be very stand-offish in situations where I am not comfortable. Emotional distance is a like a safety buffer.
  • Sometimes, my mouth is so not in anyway edifying (or even fit for public consumption)
So you see, there really is a lot of room for improvement. I realize I will always have flaws, and no sooner will I conquer these than a whole new set of problems will arise to the surface for me to work on. We are all works in progress, but I like it much better when I know a group of friends is working right along side me despite my many flaws.

I moved my desk so I can see the lake out of all the windows. Happiness.


Pattie said...

Your new home is GORGEOUS. And I love you, flaws and all, because that's how friendship goes.

Aisling Beatha said...

I recognise that desk even if I don't recognise that house. I miss that desk, and the people that come with it, especially today.

Katie said...

I love your home... it is beautiful! And flaws and all make you real!! Love you friend.

Maria said...

You are making me break the commandment that I taught about today. I want your house and your view!

I love you and all your flaws, with all my heart and my flaws.