Simply Living: Day 31: Simply The End (or not)

I was thinking the other day of the last night I spent in my home in Florida. I'd really managed to hold it together and be excited about moving, changing and fresh starts right up until that point. But that night all the anger, all the hurt, all the injustice, all the uncertainty boiled to the surface and I was a slamming, raging, weeping mess. My Hunky met me in the kitchen (where I was slamming and raging and weeping) and wrapped me up in his arms (if you've ever been wrapped up in a hug by Hunky, you know he really gets what it means to envelop someone in a hug), laid my head on his chest and reminded me that every ending is just a beginning in disguise.

And so it is

Over 700 people participated in the Change your Life in 31 days blogging challenge. I don't know how many completed it. I chose seven or eight blogs to follow and of those, not all of them were able to complete the challenge. It's hard. Hard to stay focused for 31 straight days. Hard to talk about the same thing for 31 straight days. And it's easy to close the door, and simply walk away.

I really don't want to do that.  I have enjoyed the challenge because it forced me to follow through on two things I really have wanted: simplifying and writing. I have considered and evaluated so many things this last month, purging some things, choosing to keep others, making changes, growing, discovering and finding my voice and my words again.

Most of the changes I have made I hope will be permanent:

  • regular blogging
  • morning pages
  • quitting facebook
  • wardrobe reduction and refining
  • another carload of random stuff purged
  • closets cleaned and organized
  • priorities made clearer
Some things will continue to be refined. For instance, yesterday I emptied a bookcase that I was certain we would need when we moved in. We don't (The Hunky is grumbling about having to move more furniture. Sorry, babe). Living simply is both a process and a journey, and I am barely beginning.

So what's next you ask? Tomorrow I will start a new four week theme that will run until Advent. I am going to continue to try and write something everyday. It's been a very good exercise for me.
I started 100 days of running with a friend today. Ninety-nine more days to go. Don't think that subject won't be making an appearance over the weeks to come.
And last but not least, continuing to bring my priorities into focus and live every day more purposefully.

The Beginning.


Pattie said...

Yay! You finished a project!!! You -- and this -- are awesome!

Carol Freedom said...

I didn't catch what the morning pages are.

Congrats on your follow through.

Carol Freedom said...

YAY! My comment worked. I know the trick. LOL

Becky Perry said...

It's the first time I've ever finished a blogging project like this.

I really enjoyed reading your 31 days.

stephanie @ Simple Things said...

Well done finishing. :)