Simply Living: Day 4: Plan Over Matter

 As is often the case when I decide to try something new, there comes a time when my mind blanks out, fights back and says in its best New York accent, "Fuhgettaboutit"
That was me today when the alarm I didn't set (unintentionally) didn't go off (shocker, I know). Meaning I opened my eyes at 7 am instead of 5:30 am and lost another five minutes trying to figure out why it was already light outside at 5:30 am (mornings aren't easy for me, don't judge.)
Not long after that, things that should have been simple in school weren't, the dog kept dragging random vegetative junk (think dried leaves, pine straw and random twigs and branches) through the back door, and another blind stopped retracting.  What I wanted to do was climb inside the internet and just not think for awhile.

One of my new hobbies that I really enjoy is reading the blogs of minimalists and other simple living life-stylists. I've been intrigued recently reading Leo Babauta's blog Zen Habits as he talks about living life with no to-do lists or short term goals.  The idea intrigues me, though I haven't read much about it, yet. However, I am new enough to this pursuit that I can tell you that no list or plan on a day like today is a recipe for total disaster. My blog would literally have ended at "I climbed inside the internet and hid all day."

I am a words on paper type of girl. My new morning routine, my new evening routine, my chore plan and project plan, they are all on my trusty yellow legal pad. I need to refer to them, often because they just aren't part of me yet.  I'm not at all saying Mr. Babauta is wrong. In fact for him, he is exactly right, and who knows? Maybe one day for me his way will work, as well.  But today I needed words on paper to keep me moving.  Creating simplicity is work initially, and building habits so that you aren't always tackling what's most urgent that you don't love or even like as your life's great work. I still had a much more simple and fulfilling day then my normal day would have been a year ago.  There was enough extra time to take a two mile walk and a swim after lunch to clear my head and brighten my attitude.  I didn't have to figure out what to do because I had a plan.  I didn't have to conquer the world (or every little pile in the house) because I have a plan.

Maybe what I am trying to say is this: Be open minded as you search for simplicity. Listen to people's stories. Learn from people's examples. Read. Think. Experiment. And finally, when all is said and done, what works for you is what is going to be most simple. Embrace it. Make it work for you and laugh at your quirkiness. The method doesn't matter what matters is results. And the results are a much more fulfilling life.

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