Simply Living: Day 7: Filling up

Way back on Day 1 of this 31 day writing adventure ( I say that only partially tongue in cheek) I made this comment:

Getting rid of stuff, physical, emotional and spiritual is not just about the purge, it's about the filling up as well.

I'm so glad I did because today, well today was all about the filling up.  One of the most rewarding things about freeing myself from physical clutter and emotional constraints is the amount of freedom it brings me to do the things that really matter.  We have guests in town this weekend, people that I love, people that matter. Even a year ago, I would have spent the day of arrival for any guest cleaning and making the house ready, but not today. You see, a sudden change in Hunky's day off meant I needed to change an overdue and much anticipated play date for me and my children to today as well. Here's the beauty part...this change of plans didn't cause me even the first bit of stress. Learning to live simply and intentionally meant that I could have my date and guests come too because I no longer have housework angst when people come to call.
Instead of working an worrying, I spent the perfect fall day verbally ironing out the wrinkles in my life with someone who is broken in many of the same places, and our kids raced around inventing marvelous stories of geekdom and heroism.
Yesterday was just for me and I freely admit my motives were 100% selfish. I needed some time with someone who could help me sift through all the difficulties of being a pastor's wife without being involved in any of the relationships, but living simply isn't just about whisking off to exotic locales (read: Newnan, Ga.).  It about being able to have people over whenever they may need some company to do the same. It's about filling our home with life groups, and Florida guests and neighbors and small children and hearing laughter and sharing food and stories and life without all the stress, scrambling, and martha-esque resentment that plagued me for years. I'm a better me because I share myself and am poured into by so many other people. I'm free to care more about my community than my stuff.  That's a freedom worth working for.

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