Simply Living: Day 8: Simply Planning - Weekly Review

It's the end of week one of the 31 Days of Change.
I debated whether or not to make my weekly review post part of the 31 days of Simply Living but the fact is that having time to do what you love requires some work to make that time and space available.  Now that we have covered a great deal of the why of choosing to live simply, I think this next week will be a focus on some serious simplifying tactics. I am going to be working through Unclutter your Life in One Week this week. We did do a great deal of purging before we moved, and have done some since, but now I want to systematically organize all my living spaces and this is an aggressive book that allows me to do just that within the 31 days of change time frame. We've handled the framework, now it's time to get really dirty. Hopefully there will be more pictures of our living areas this week as well.

These three questions are ones I began to ask myself weekly in September to help review the past week and look forward to the week ahead with some intentional focus.

What went Wrong: I don't know that I can say anything went wrong, but there were some things that were sidetracked. I haven't done meal planning or school prep work like I wanted. However, we had plenty here to eat so there was no meal scrambling, and school actually flowed even the few days I scrambled because something wasn't ready or didn't work as I had hoped. I can't depend on that every week and this week, I plan to do more prep work in both areas.  There were also a few last minute schedule changes that were out of my control, but those were easily adapted to.  Still no drawing, and one library book I hoped to finish, I totally blew off. I am finishing that book this week.

What went Right: Again, it was a pretty good week. I think there was a nice balance of work and rest.

  • Exercise - walking, running and some serious swimming 6 days this week
  • Reading - finished two library books and one that's been unfinished on kindle
  • morning/ evening routines and morning pages - going well. Missed evening routine one night this week and was very sad. It definitely helps.
  • GREAT park day and lots of laughter and fun with our friends who are visiting through tomorrow.
  • Blogged eight straight days.
What I Hope to Accomplish Next Week:
  • Continues morning pages and morning and evening routines.
  • Daily Docket
  • Menu Planning
  • Organize your House in One Week
  • Follow house cleaning routing
  • Continued regular exercise
  • Drawing (seriously-must. do. this.  WANT to do this)
There's not a lot of change in store for this week...it takes three weeks to establish a habit, and several of these things are still in the habit forming stages. 

Are there any "helps" that you use to get ready for your week? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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