Simply Living: Day 9: Simple Autumn Treasures

It feels like I have used a lot of words over the past week talking about simplicity. I will use a lot more as I journey deeper into the dusty corners of  life this week to come. As I was reading through the 31 Challenges  I'm following, I read Melissa's list of autumn goodness. I realized that in this season of focus, I lose my purpose if I don't take time to enjoy the season, my favorite season. Here is my list of 20 Wonderful fall treasures to savor:

1. Flannel sheets (I may put mine on today) topped with an electric lap blanket.

2. Fires in the firepit

3. Hot chocolate with melted marshmallows foamy on top

4. Soup

5. The full harvest moon that lights the night blue instead of velvety black

6. All my favorite candle scents

7. Everything I can possibly imagine to make with pumpkin

8. Hoodie sweatshirts and cozy socks

9.The way the light slants golden through the tree trunks in the afternoon

10. Park days in Newnan under the scarlet leaves

11. Gingerbread

12.Running in the mornings with my breath fogged out before me and my hands tucked in my sleeves. The air so crisp it makes my lungs tingle.

13. Candy Corn and Peanuts

14. The smell of burning - leaves, campfires, fireplaces - in the air

15. The last blaze of glory - a decadent display of life before rest. No color unexplored, no effort spared

16. Foods that are heavy and smell savory and bring warmth to the ends of my limbs

17. Furry slippers and flannel jammie pants

18. The joyful sounds of life that echo more clearly in the thin autumn air.

19. Long evenings reading by the fairy lights under a throw blanket

20. The promise of rest


Lorri said...

Oh this is a good list. I especially like #15.

Leann said...

LOVE!!! Hello from my MIL's house... I made a handwritten fall love list the other day. I miss blogging... I cannot wait to get back to it. :)