It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year! 7 Quick Takes Friday: Edition 17

1. I almost didn't blog today.  My in-laws are in town. We had early Thanksgiving with them. I spent a good deal of the day puttering in the kitchen and cooking some of my favorite things. I'll turn around and do it again in a few weeks and enjoy it just as much. I did make what is hands down the best cranberry dish I have ever made: Spicy Cranberry Chutney.  I said earlier that it was like cranberry crack.  I know it amuses my family when I make something and then go on and on how good it is, but it really was amazingly delicious.  I love when I make my own taste buds that happy.

2. I started making mental Christmas lists today which means in the next day or two I will actually buy a present or two.  I'm actually pretty excited about getting on the ball a little early this year. I know many people take care of it even earlier but since I am usually a week or so before Christmas or even as late as Christmas Eve buying things.  I'm hoping to have a bit more of a laid back holiday season this year.  Last year was a large amount of insanity with the flu for everyone thrown in for good measure. No thank you (and no we won't be getting flu shots this year because of it)

3. This week I started back to running. In fact, I am planning to run for One Hundred Days straight.  I have five under my belt.  It's great to get back into the habit and the weather is amazing for it this time of year. As much as I hate the time change bringing the early nightfall, I will enjoy not running in the dark at 7am.  It won't be too much longer before it gets cool enough that I will switch my run to early afternoon, but I think that won't be until after Christmas.

4. Sometime this week I will be blogging about next year's theme. If you haven't read me for long, you won't know that it seems that each year God gives me a theme to learn from, live by and be expectant of.  I am too lazy tonight to link to previous year's themes. I will tell you that this year has been obedience and next year is... 

5. I was thinking earlier today about all the goals and plans I have every year at the New Year ( I love love love love the New Year a ridiculous amount. There's something so filled with possibility about it. ). I realized that every year I have started the year planning to reorganize, purge clean and make simple. Then I realized, not next year.  When January 1, 2012 rolls around I will actually have most of that taken care of around here. Sure, there will be habits to maintain and refining to do, but as a whole, I think that's something that won't be reappearing on my list of goals and plans. It's kind of an odd feeling.  It felt the same way this year when I took C25K and start a regular exercise routine off the list. Sometimes I think it's more comforting to hang on to the hope of accomplishing something than to muster up the courage to actually do it. I will have to find new and exciting fun things to do next year. How fun!

6. Sunday night my girls all dressed up for a 70's party at church. They certainly seemed very very old, and beautiful. I definitely need to get a bigger shot gun, or a shot gun at all.

7. I am about to put myself on a library book moratorium. I still have books sitting on shelves here waiting to be read that I need to decide of they are staying or going. Probably a great deal of them will move on after reading. However, reading books from the library often seems more glamorous or exciting and so I do not read what is on my shelf.  Time to buckle down and finish the book purging with the books that remain. Yes, it is a task that may be easier said than done, but we'll get there!

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