My blog isn't going to have any photos today, because I am not on my computer. I am not on my computer because it had to go on vacation to my personal computer guru's house ( AKA the fabulous husband of the equally fabulous Windy ) because today it decided to just not. turn. on.

Oh the irony.

It is also supposed to be a day that I did not get online at all, and Monday is as well. I never could figure out how to make my blogger be friendly with an offline blogging platform, so I did concede to allow myself to blog.  I was also on a wee bit this morning taking care of cheese business and printing some things for my Holiday Scrapbook cover. I plan to start scrapping something every day between now and Jan 15th when we come back from vacation, but I digress.  I wasn't offline completely but I did avoid the mindless scanning and browsing. I went in with a purpose and I came out quickly after having accomplished that purpose.

I also did not get to go to church today because my wee one is sick.
My older children did go to church.
And they had a dulcimer lesson.

I am literally green with envy. No. really.

I ran a complete mile without stopping  for the first time since late spring.  I ran two more half miles (not altogether, in intervals) which means I ran twice as much as I walked today AND today's count on the 100 days of Running countdown officially busts into the 70's! Seventy-nine more runs to go! It was pouring down rain this morning - completely unforecasted - so I didn't run until this afternoon which means tomorrow's run will be a total loo-loo. Not only did I run farther and harder today than any day these past three weeks, but I ran late. Which means just over twelve hours rest for my body between runs.

I am old. Ouch.

I finally found out what the adorable small birds I have been stalking on my lake are. Di-dapper ducks is what Georgians call them, but in reality they are Little Grebes or Dabchicks. I am obsessed with knowing what the names of all the wildlife are that I can see. I also learned that the fish I am feeding everyday are sunfish, and I came face to face with about eight or nine eating size bass right underneath my dock. Imma have to get me a fishing pole, except  I might catch the catfish which I would love to eat, but which I cannot eat because they are my friends. At least, the ones under the dock are my friends. They are part of my daily fish feeding herd. Yes, I am an eighty year old woman. What of it?

My read one book at a time quest is going well.  As soon as I close her down here, I am going to make a quick book page. We'll see how long it lasts, maybe this time I am more determined than all the other times I have tried it. We'll never know unless I get started, eh.

I intended to sit down and write deep thoughts about nature, and running, and discipline, and distractions.  This week is going to test my discipline in many ways.  I've asked the man to be home and not work, but I must continue my discipline of running. I've planned to wean myself off the computer more on days when I am going to have tons more down time.  I've whittled the books down again to clear another bookcase from the room, now I need to restore order with the books that remain.

This simpler lifestyle means constantly editing and changing, evaluating and whittling away the things that distract me from the person I want to be. Throw in a little holiday madness and some days are bound to be a jumble of good, bad, and all the layers of events that fill the spaces between.

Follow me in merry measure: Fa la la la la la la  laa laa laa!

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