Four Calling Birds

My daughter made fun of me today. I think she thinks I am turning into a stalker. I admit I was creeping down the sea wall with my binoculars in hand, but ya'll ..YA'LL this is what was in my lake today:

I did not take this picture

It is entirely possible that I am turning into James Audubon, but lately I spend at least thirty minutes a day staring out the window with binoculars or camera in hand.  Apparently I have a "bird face" because I can enter a room from anywhere in the house and one of the girls will say "Mom's going for the binoculars" and it's true.  It's definitely a good thing we home school because my reputation would be shot otherwise. 

I know I shared with you yesterday about my excitement over finally identifying this guy
I also did not take this picture

Look at her (I call her her because I call all the ones around my house "Her" because they seem like girls though I know they can't all be girls since they make babies...again, I digress)..have you ever seen anything cuter?  This one is tougher to stalk because when she sees me coming she dives.  That's right. She's just gliding along all smooth and serene and then out of nowhere she sees me gazing on her oh-so-stealthily from my sunroom, or perhaps even from behind the posts of the boat house and  floop down she goes quick as anything.  She even has the nerve to peep out her head to see if I am still around before she re-emerges. It's a good thing she's cute or might use her for target practice with an attitude like that (What?! I have a gun and a license! It could happen).

I feel like this is a good warm up post for when I really out myself and devote one entire photo-filled post to the real object of my obsession, Heron the Great.  I've posted about him before and if my computer weren't over in the corner dying, I would line up all my pretty little photos right here and just expose the full on crazy.  Instead I am warming you up to my brand of insanity slowly.  Tomorrow, oh tomorrow, there will be pictures. Pictures I have taken without consent. Pictures that I may have used both cunning and concealment to obtain. Photos that may have caused my children to ask why I was laying on the ground behind a tree...and I may have responded irrationally that if the Heron heard them I would use them as heron bait in order to lure him back.

But that may all be unsubstantiated rumor as well.  I'm just sayin'

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stephanie @ Simple Things said...

I don't think you are crazy. I love watching the birds in our forest-y backyard. I spent a good chunk of my summer trying to get the perfect photo of a cardinal, but no such luck.