I'll be so blue thinking about you...

Just a bench in the sun

It's entirely possible that I have completely lost my mind. Here's how it all started: almost a month ago now (can you believe that, Sayruh girl??) my friend and I decided to work through The Artist's Way together. It's a sort of self examination, creativity releasing twelve week study. Yes, parts of it are as new-agey as they sound, but over all the benefits for me have outweighed the slight annoyances. Just knowing she is doing it with me has been enough to keep me plugging along. Some of it is pretty personal so we aren't all share-y all the time, but we do check in everyday.  But I digress. This week one of the exercises is to give up reading  for one week.

It's like giving up air people. I'm thinking you are probably underestimating the hugeness of this undertaking. 

Unfortunately I have to admit that even the exercises I have found to be the most annoying, have actually had some benefit to me while working through this, so I am going to go for it. Starting when I finish this blog until next Monday morning.  I can't even believe I am doing this. However, I am having to impose a few loopholes, not because I can't do it (I can do it; I just won't love it) but because there are things I do in my life that aren't negotiable for a week. For instance, I do read ahead my kids lessons and assignments for the week, and they are not taking a week off school.  I will keep reading that.  My Bible reading time, that's a non-negotiable. I will be continuing that. I am reading a book together with a friend and we are meeting Thursday to discuss two chapters. I haven't quite finished that, and our time together will involve some rereading while we discuss.

I will be giving up all fiction and non-fiction that does not relate to the scenarios above, all blogs, restricted email, and restricted computer time over all (this will make my legs happy since I started standing at the computer today because I am weird like that, and I read this article that reminded me that this was something I had been thinking about already anyway before life went off the chain this summer). I will still be blogging - it's writing, not reading.  I am honestly not sure what I will do with the time I normally read. Especially when it's late night before bed reading time with the Hunky.  

I'm certain my Hunky thinks I am crazy making this change and that change, throwing things out, reorganizing, reordering and apparently instituting ghetto decor for my standing computer desk.  Or maybe I'm having a mid-life crisis since I went and dyed my hair quite dark today.  Either way, I'm making changes, having more fun and simply enjoying myself both outwardly and inwardly than I have in some time. 

Maybe I'll write a book about it, not that I could read it.  

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Pattie said...

That last line made me giggle...I'll be interested in learning about any benefits you derive from this exercise. I'm posting this NOW before you can't read it... ;)