Seven Lords A-Leaping ( or 7 Quick Takes: Edition 18)

1.  This week has been an odd one. I've felt off-kilter, rushed and irritable.  None of these things are like me, and I haven't always enjoyed my own company this week.  I also gave up reading for just over 3 days
( you can see the reason why here ).  Yesterday I decided that was not a plan that was going to work for me.  This weekend I plan to re-read The Happiness Project  in preparation for next year's blogging. I plan to revel in reading and sit burrowed in blankets on the couch all the day..well except the part where I am running...

2. I don't know if I mentioned here or not but I am running 100 days in a row..because I am insane. Or because I completed the Couch to 5K over a year ago and then ran pretty consistently for another ten months and then this summer I fell almost completely off the running wagon. However, I tend to be a better person when I run...I'm in better shape, happier, more disciplined in general more goal oriented. So I'm running. This week I dropped into the 80's. After today's run I will have 88 days left. It's going to be a glorious afternoon for running, which I normally do in the morning but this morning I SLEPT IN!!

3. About two weeks ago I had a total "You aren't sleeping enough" crash. It was not good, and I really don't sleep enough on a regular basis.  I like to stay up late since that's a time I can be alone, and I am not always good at staying asleep.  However, since I am running at the break of dawn every day now, I have given up the night owl pattern (last night we stayed up to the very late hour of 11:15 which is the latest time I have seen all month and then some) and I have been practicing staying relaxed and in sleep mode when I do wake up. It seems to be working. Most days I feel more rested though I still struggle with physical fatigue from adding running and some weight training into my daily routine.

4.  I've really been enjoying walking around different places in town and taking pictures, lately. One of my goals in the next year is to learn a lot, lot, lot more about using my camera well.  I'm just winging it lately and hoping for the best, and using some fancy photo editing.  I have a great picture of Heron the Great to share from yesterday, but I'm too lazy to get up and upload it and edit it and all of that. So you will just have to come back soon for a discourse on other new hobby: stalk the large bird. I will also be taking pictures in a graveyard next week. It's possible this new hobby is not one that will convince people I am normal...

5. In case you didn't know it, today is the release of the final Harry Potter movie. My kids do know it. What they don't know is the we pre-ordered it.  I am planning a whole Happy Potter: Deathly Hallows Pt 1 and 2 marathon over our Thanksgiving hibernation.  They don't know that either. I'm also planning some disgustingly delicious snacks.

6. I was a little dismayed this week when I worked out our holiday schedule. We are taking a vacation in January so instead of taking most of the month of December off as we normally do. We will be schooling right up until the 23rd, and instead taking our break well into January. It's the same amount of time, just not as soon as it normally is. I'm working some fun Christmas things into the schedule so it's not just "business as usual" It will be an adjustment for all of us.

7.  We haven't turned our heat on here yet at Chez Portwood. I was kind of hoping to make it to Thanksgiving without using it--I'm strange like that-- and it indeed looks like we can make it until then. However, that weekend currently shows some temps in the 20's and I think we may really want some heat when it gets that cold.  This house seems to stay much warmer in general than our last house ( I can't imagine anything could be colder than that house was unless it was located in Montana).

And now my stomach is literally growling loud enough that my husband in the next room is commenting on it, so I shall leave you with all this scintillating randomosity and move on into my day!


Karen@Candid Diversions said...

No heat yet - I'm impressed! Great list. :)

Bia said...

Your Thanksgiving idea of having a HP marathon is great!

And I'm impressed with your 100 days of running goal ... wow!