Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sunrise on my dock
I'm a big believer in rest....for everyone but myself. I can push harder, go farther, stay up later and get more done than most people. Until, I can't.

Life's been pretty crazy around these parts for the past few months and rest, real rest, has been hard to come by. I have to confess that even our Sabbaths have been sporadic and half-hearted.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, then,  that when I settled again into a routine of running (after an extremely slothful summer) that my body rebelled. It's not just telling me to rest. It's forcing me.

What I am finding most odd is the enjoyment I am getting out of finding ways to rest more effectively and for longer periods of time. I've not been a good sleeper for many reasons in the past --**flashing the cancer card--apparently, that happens to a lot of us**-- and I've always been one to shun a nap when I could be doing something important or productive. But lately, I have embraced the concept of the 30 minute nap.  I love to lay under my electric throw and snooze for a bit in the afternoon. Thirty minutes seems just enough to drift, snooze, and awaken without dragging the rest of the day.

My Hunky has poked fun at me this week saying I can't hang with the big dogs, but honestly, I don't think I want to. Hanging with the big dogs makes me stressed, cranky and exhausted.  I'm finding it a lot more enjoyable to listen to body and give it what it needs.  When I do I am more alert, happier, more creative and less cynical. All that and a cat nap too.


stephanie @ Simple Things said...

I do so much better with a cat nap - especially in the stage of life I'm in where a full night of sleep continues to be a rarity. :)

Leann said...

With the fibro I don't sleep well either. I have taken to popping two Valerian Root pills before bed and they are all natural and no side effects and MAGNIFICENT!!! I am resting better and getting deeper sleep which helps with the fibro symptoms a lot. I love me some good sleep! :)