Sounding Joy

Nothing says cool like a beach umbrella in your fishing boat
I took this picture in the early fall this year because I thought it was one of the funnier things I had ever seen in my lifetime.
I really thought a long time about what I wanted to blog about in these days leading up to Thanksgiving and (finally!!) to Christmas.  The last month was a great deal of growth and thought and change. Those things will continue but I think I want to write about a bit lighter fare here for awhile.
Part of the reason that I wanted to simplify was to have more time to do two things: serve my Lord, and focus on the things the truly being me joy (those two concepts are very linked in my mind as when I serve along the lines of my gifts it always brings me my greatest and deepest joy) Lightening my load both materially and emotionally has been allowing me to be more spontaneous, more thoughtful and provided me with many opportunities to practice getting those really great laugh lines like my Hunky has.

I read this earlier today:

Your legacy is the fragrance of your life that remains when you yourself are not present. 
-Daniel Taylor

and I realized what I really want my legacy to be is that I am someone who exudes joy so much so that it leaves a lasting fragrance when I am not around. So that is what I will be blogging about the next few weeks here.  About joy and my journey deeper into it. Sometimes it will be silly and sometimes a bit deeper than that.  I never know what form joy is going to take in my life so I'll have to be watching carefully.

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