Thanksgiving Eve-Eve

I'm very thankful for so many things this year that I couldn't even begin to wrote a comprehensive list. We are living proof that God is  the  Redeemer. He makes beauty for ashes over and over and over again. If I ever forget that I need only walk to the nearest window and look out.  At least once everyday I give myself a mental pinch and remind myself  "This is my life...not a dream vacation." And that experience speaks only to my physical surroundings. It doesn't touch the relationships, the growth in me, God's patience in letting me grow and learn, often with agonizing slowness.  I'm pretty sure I've actually heard Jesus say in my ear, "How long will I have to put up with you, O ye of little faith!"  Don't ever ask me if I think the disciples were a bunch of bumbling fools, I'm too busy tripping over my own faith to answer that, and I haven't even begun to touch the level of world changing work they did.

God is good.
He is good no matter what I see, hear, feel or experience.
He  IS  good.  In fact, He cannot be anything else.

I take comfort in that. Great, great comfort.
I take comfort in the fact that whatever it is He is doing in me and through me, He  IS  faithful to complete it.

However, what I am most grateful for right this very moment is that my Hunky is sitting right over there, across the room (behind my once lovely laptop, now a soon to be disposed of paper weight...but I digress), and here is where he will stay for the next four days.
Sometimes ministry is like riding the crest of the most awesome wave imaginable, and sometimes it's like that wave smacked you down, rolled you under and won't let you surface. It's been a bit more of that latter lately, which is the nature of life.  Time together for us, and as a family, has been precious and often scratched out of the meager moments of quiet down time.  But this week I plan to glut myself in being just us...just my family sometimes rowdy, sometimes loud, sometimes arguing, sometimes prickly...always beautiful, and always hand knit together by the Giver of all Good Gifts.

If you don't stop back by again before Thanksgiving, my prayer for all of you is that you revel in wonderful, adored, beautiful amazing gift of family, whatever form it takes for you this year.  And I pray you know that you, in all your glorious messiness of you, are adored with a love you can never earn or comprehend.  Roll around in it a little bit this weekend. Get yourself a little grace-buzz goin' on.  I promise, you won't be sorry you did.

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