There's no place like Home for the Holidays: Seven Quick Takes on Friday Edition 19

1. There's been a lot of life lived in this house this week. I feel like I've done, and gone, and planned, and talked and stayed up to late and run and thought non-stop! I lost some sleep because of it, and lately losing any sleep means the next day is a struggle, so I'm revamping my mornings. Apparently 100 days of running means your body is going to call in all the sleep debt you have acquired over the years. Rather frustrating. In case you  are counting down with me, today leaves me with 81 runs to go. I'm about to bust into the 70's and it was a little shocking to me to realize that I will pass the half way mark before Christmas! This week it's finally getting good again. I'm getting my stamina back and breathing doesn't feel like a UFC cage match. I told Hunky to remind me that I feel this good when it's good in about ten days because that's likely when I will hit my next distance and stamina wall. The process is as psychological as it is physical and it is easy to mentally destroy yourself after one bad run. These are the weeks to remember in those times. It puts me in mind of our spiritual walk being compared to a race, and also of remembrance stones in scripture. Both are very apt concepts in my soul today.

2. I've never been much of a scrap booker in any way, but I really, really think I am going to participate in Alli Edwards December Daily journaling project. I have some really fun things planned for the month, and I think I would like to capture them. Now Alli Edwards site scares the poo out of me but my sweet and very encouraging friend Stephanie has done this several years now with much smaller (and more) children than I have, and she shared with me some of her simpler journals. I love them, and I'm excited to spend a little time today looking for the few things I need to get started. I'm glad that Sara twisted my arm and put me in a head lock and threatened me with harm so I would do The Artist's Way with her. It's helping me believe I can do this!.

3. My beautiful, wonderful, amazing, inspiring friend Melonnie had a little sleep over here Wednesday night.  It was so good for my heart.  I honestly can't even remember when our hearts got all entangled, but some how it seems like many of my life changing memories also involve her sitting with me and cups of coffee between. It's been a long time since we cradled our cups with both hands and chatted about whatever comes to mind.  It's a few sweet hours I won't soon forget. And please, don't leave today without clicking over to the link on her blog right up there. In fact, don't finish here if you have to choose between my words and hers. Go there, right now, and get just a tiny glimpse of the amazing work God does through her obedience.

4. While I was talking with my Mel, overlooking the lake and pointing out the loons, she made the comment that it sounded like we lived in our own little wildlife sanctuary which kind of made me laugh. We have had quite a bit of animal activity this week including our bald eagles being very visible, my first beaver sighting, musk rats, foxes, loons, the always ubiquitous geese, deer, squirrels and chipmunks by the hat-full and a feral pig (he lives on the airport land; I see him sometimes when I run). I am still stalking the Great Blue Heron (pictured above).  It's possible he's taunting me now since sometimes I turn around and he's much closer than I would have thought he'd be. Of course I never have my camera at these times.

5. One of the local radio stations has started their 24/7 Christmas music already.  It makes me feel a little relieved about my own over whelming urge for Christmas music, at least one album, most days. If they are playing holiday music than obviously it's completely appropriate for me to do it as well. Considering that while we lived in Florida, I started listening to Christmas music on October 1st, the fact that I didn't really start listening to it until last week this year marks some serious growth on my part.  I think the actually changing seasons rather than the change of seasons being marked only by calendar pages turning, no leaves allowed, in Florida has enabled me to resist the lure of Nat King Cole's Christmas Song for far longer. But the fact is, I'm always going to be sneaking a song or two even in July because I really do love the season just that much.

6. I missed two days blogging this week.  I decided that's a trend I don't really want to continue so I'm here, catching up.  Ironically, I'm also thinking about drastically cutting down my computer time...even going offline four days a week.  I downloaded several offline blogging programs but with blogger and google becoming one entity, they won't let me sign in with my google password and my blogger password and username no longer exist so I can't connect the two. It's a quandry. These first world problems.....  ;)

7. I don't know about you but I can't believe that Thanksgiving will be OVER by this time next week! I have my menu planned and want to get a few snacky, fun, absolutely not good for us at all foods and some games for the holiday weekend. This will be the first Thanksgiving that we haven't traveled or had a crowd in I-can't-remember-how-long, and I am really looking forward to it.   Hunky is off half the week and since it lately has seemed that even days off aren't really days off, I'm planning lots of snuggling, and hanging out, and even some sleeping in. The weather is promising to be very cool and delicious (last year was a warm and stormy holiday). Maybe there will even be a bonfire and smores...hmmm....I love the possibility of using free time.

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