Tis the Season to be Jolly - 7 Quick Takes Ed. 20

1. I don't know about you, but we had a deliciously, fabulously, simple, quiet, delightful Thanksgiving. It's just been us five here for the past two days. We've watched movies, played speed, read books, fed the lake fish, and I have cooked a shameful amount of food. We will spend most of the next three days eating that shameful amount of food, and I may have to increase my running quite a bit to compensate. Speaking of running, I crossed the 1/4 of the way done mark in my 100 days of running yesterday. Thankful indeed!

2. I'm still puttering along with my one book at a time plan.  I added a book page and have a book plan. I might be a little too bookish to be normal. But it makes me happy.  I've failed at keeping a running a booklist so many times that I'm almost embarrassed to advertise trying again.  I actually plan to blog about this in a day or so, but since I am whittling my books down to the ones I absolutely, positively cannot stand to consider parting with, I feel like keeping a book list is necessary. I won't be able to peruse my shelves any longer and say, "Oh look, I've read all these books"  And my memory is nothing to write home about, so it's just as well that I do try yet again to keep track the words I let in.

3. The Hunky man has been home since Wednesday, and will be home through Sunday night (with a brief morning at church for us all).  It's been a marvelous stretch of time together.  I know we live in a world of hard working people and that the holidays are crazy for all.  But for our family, it's been far too much work and not nearly enough time together as I want (and let's be honest, I'm always going to want more than I can reasonably expect to get).  It's just been crazy, insane, frustrating stressful and busy. It's been nice to retreat to our peaceful bubble and just be for a bit of  time before we get rocket launched into the holiday season.  I'm already expecting to feel stretched and frustrated by my attempts to slow down a season that always ends up being too hectic.

4. I'm back to using my laptop which has developed this very irksome predilection to working only when other people who have a clue as to the innards of computer function are around, but being completely irascible when I, a person of quite limited computer know-how, am alone with it.  We have taken the steps of backing everything up on the family computer lest the laptop gives up the ghost entirely. Since I am working on minimalizing to an extreme what is actually housed on the computer anyway, this suits me just fine.

5.  Ah, I just remembered what I was going to say after I talked about books, but  then I forgot what it was. I knew it had to do with books! I finally housed all the DVDs (the ones that didn't get removed entirely) in their album which means another bookcase left the house this week. Most what of lives on the remaining Walmart bookcase now is on a six month probation period. If I don't get it read and decide to keep it in the next six months, it goes to a new home regardless. This means that that bookcase also has very limited time left with us as well.  Though it may migrate into one of the children's bedrooms, maybe. I'm more inclined to think it's just going out the door.

6. Wednesday night at 7pm, after a pretty full day of cooking, my oldest two daughters decided to clean out their closets which both delighted and frustrated me. I love that they got rid of a quite a bit on their own; I was more than a little frazzled and short with them at the time they chose to do it.  That leaves only youngest's things to go through before Christmas, but since she is my least inclined to be neat or organized, that's quite a job in and of itself.

7. I think I have run out of catching up type things to say...in fact I'm rather at a loss what to put for #7 unless you want to hear the story about the mouse in my daughter's room. I always hesitate to tell these type stories because then everyone just yells "KILL IT! KILL IT! KILL IT!" which irritates me since we really aren't into killing living things (unless they are house flies ) But I will say it was tiny and cute, and we had a hilarious time trying to keep it out of the closet and get it out her back door to the back yard. We finally succeeded.  Since we don't really have signs of mice in the house, and since we did have doors open a lot yesterday to combat the turkey smoke, and since her room (and door) are closest to the compost pile, we are chalking it up to random visitation rather than possible infiltration and we aren't entertaining any thoughts of killing small furry creatures.

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