All I Want for New Year

I guess I have to stop using Christmas songs as my titles now, huh? I really have enjoyed it, but I promise to wrap it up with this post.  We have celebrated our final bout of Christmas hilarity at my Mom's house. Tomorrow we had back home for a bit of a chill week before we are on the road to Florida.  We won't start school again until after the 15th so I have plenty of time to think and lay a foundation of ideas for 2012. I have spent a lot of years outlining a detailed plan for the year, but I am not doing that this year.  Don't misunderstand, I think the years I have a plan always end with more growth than years that I don't.  However, this year I have focused on simplicity and flexibility so my of guidelines for 2012 are more reflective of that paradigm shift.  Rather than tie myself down with a lengthy to-do list which I will infallibly use as a tool for self-criticism rather than objective measurement. I'm throwing that mess out the window and trying something new.  Instead of locking myself into plans and goals that may or may not fit my life in twelve months, I have come up with four aspirations that will help guide my decisions, goals and activities this year.

In no particular order, by the end of 2012 I aspire to be:

1) Kinder
2) Wiser
3) More Joyful
4) Richer

Over the next few days I will break each of these principals down and explore it in-depth. Obviously "richer" implies much more than money, though both Hunky and I agree that we want to give more generously this year, which would mean we need to have more money in hand to give away.  We certainly can be more financially responsible.  So, in some senses richer means exactly what it sounds like on the surface.

I hope to do many new things, learn new things and have a lot of fun experiences, but those are as often spontaneous as they are planned, so I am leaving room for the unexpected experiences as well.  Our calendar is already filling with travel and events. I think it's going to be a great year!

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