Currently, we are enjoying a visit from my Mom.  The weather today was horrible so we shopped, ate ice cream (twice!), made pizza and played 340,958,673,409 card games.

We remembered that yesterday was my Dad's birthday.

We made Greek Pizza. It was amazingly delicious.

We had our first experience with phyllo dough.  That stuff is weird.

We commented at least forty times each that the girls are getting way too big.

We watched big planes landing over the lake under the brilliant moon. In the cold. The very, very cold.

We talked about books, and brothers and helping people, and wills and Spring Break plans and Christmas lists, and turkey brining and saving money on gas. You know, the really important things.

We argue over what temperature to set the thermostat.

My kids stay up too late, like they are right now...eating their second bowl of ice cream.

These are the important things this week. I'm making sure to take the time to really live them all.
I hope you'll be forgiving of my sporadic blogging at this time.

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