Dashing through the Snow...

I didn't intend for today to be a busy day. I have been letting myself sleep in this week (because I want to be sure and not be tired on Hot Anniversary Date night which is only two days away!)...luxurious.  Seriously why be a haus frau if you can't sleep in some days?  Anyway, I rolled over this morning at the ripe old hour of 7:30, and I thought to myself, "another slow morning"

Or, you know, not.

You see the thing is, we are slow mailers.  Every year I say we are going to be better, and we aren't. Though to be fair, this year is better than years past. I didn't have to pay extra express postage on anything we mailed this year! But, yes, as I strolled lazily into the sun room this morning, there they were...gifts to be mailed. They taunted me.

So I shucked on yesterday's shirt and some clean pants and figured I'd be waiting in a good long line at the post office. NOT SO! In and out in under two minutes thankyouverymuch!  Which of course meant I had all kinds of time to run recycling and some of the larger trash items we have sitting around to the dump before they got super icky from standing in the rain that was due today.
Off we went to the dump!

Whilst there the Hunky reminded me of some BOGO groceries from Kroger, and I was reminded of the fact that I need to pick up a Visa gift card for the SINGLE MOST DIFFICULT PERSON TO SHOP FOR ON THE PLANET. I let myself off the hook with gift angst and went for impersonal. Because I love him enough to not hate him by stressing myself over a dang present (and no, we really are not talking about my Hunky here because he does read my blog and does NOT share my DNA. The person I am talking about here is the opposite of those two qualifiers).

On the way home it began to drizzle so I knew that at some point in time Hunky would be coming to get the van since the windshield wiper motor is burned out on his car (give it break, it's twenty years old and it's tired. I'm not kidding on either count) .  I also thought I would be nice and turn the windshield wipers that I managed to put on backwards a few months ago (don't ask) so he had more than a teeensy leeetle box of dry windshield to look through.

Enter several very frustrated very unhappy very PG-13 texts to the Hunky and one broken blade.

OFF we went to Auto Zone where a very friendly, very competent and only slightly condescending to the obviously automotively ignorant little lady replaced the broken part and flipped my blades for FREEEEE!

Auto-zone is by the mall which prompted me to go shopping for pants since all I own is jeans, and Christmas Eve service has a dress code that jeans don't fit. I didn't get pants. I did get a rockin' dress, to wear with my rockin' boots. This will also be what I wear for Hot Anniversary Date Night. It's that awesome. There are red tights. Red. Tights.  Indeed.

One the windshield wipers were handled I felt that the entire car should be cleaned out (that and we are all traveling in it, with the dog, for five hours one way next week, and that many living objects in a vehicle deserve a modicum of cleanliness.) Only it was such a disgusting mess, my vacuum laughed at me, prompting a housewide quarter hunt and and a trip to the gas station with the super sucky vacuum.  $3 later, I felt a little less like a mobile garbage dump, but I realized that I was going to have to do something about the accumulated purge bags and boxes in the back to really feel I had completed my task, and to free up that space for luggage and Grandparent Christmas booty.

Home again, home again for the bagged items in the laundry room and dash away all to the local thrift store where I would literally like to kiss the cheeks of the lovely men who unload my vehicle, tell me I look nice (a blatant lie, if you've read this far  you will remember I am unwashed and in half of yesterday's clothes), inquire of my husband's well being and thank me for all my hard work (it is hard work to sit in my vehicle while you unload it for me isn't it?).  And finally, finally home for the day.

I won't even complain that I had to walk in and make up the Christmas grocery list because I didn't have to do the shopping praise ye the LORD! The man with the van (he did come and trade) handled all of that for me.

I took a bath in the giant tub.

And that my friends is how a lazy day turned busy. I'm so glad it did. I got so many things done that have waited until "a day when I had time"  Today I had all the time in the world, and then some. TOMORROW though, tomorrow is going to be a lazy morning. AMEN!

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Maria Summers said...

whew I got tired reading about your lazy day.