Faithful Friends who are dear to us...

I posted yesterday about closing down for a long winter's nap, and so I have. Today I putzed around and did my hour of housework for the week. I finished Christmas shopping and browsed with my girls for an hour in the library.  Oh and we caught a third mouse (which reminds me, I should check the traps....insert muzak...nope, none tonight). See, this is the kind of excitement I want to have for a few weeks. The kind that makes you read the opening paragraph of my blog and fall asleep.

Tonight we made time in a crazy December schedule for some special friends. We have been so blessed with many wonderful relationships here in Georgia, but one family in particular has really filled our lives in so many ways.  It was truly a great joy to simply "be" tonight. The food was exquisite. The music was loud and the children even louder. There were surprise Christmas gifts and stories shared, and really way too much cake, even for eleven people, even for two-year-olds who begged for seconds. It was all the things that are wonderful about family without some of the stress that can come with family.  It's good to spend time with people who not only love you, but choose to spend time with you because they like you and enjoy your company. Who want simply to be together, not be together with ulterior motives. It's good to share something and see a familiar gleam of tears in the other's eye because it's trenches they are fighting in too. It's good to say words without weighing them and reveal parts of your heart without counting the cost.

Sometimes its refreshing to be able to be messy with people and then all work together to clean it up and make it neat again. And I'm not just talking about dinner plates and craft tables.

There's so little time left this Christmas season, this year even (how is that even remotely possible?).  But if you're tired and frazzled, find the time to just be with the people who fit your life like the softest, most comfortable pair of jammie pants you own.  I don't mean your work party, or the neighborhood block party.  I mean the people you'd still let in if your hair was unwashed and the plumbing just exploded. Don't make it fancy. Don't worry about cleaning the corners and dusting. Just be together and laugh and share.  Have coffee and cake (you can even buy the cake pre-made from the store).   I promise, it's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in this, or any, season.

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Tish said...

You make me smile, and I love you!