Five Minute Friday: Tired

Ok. I don't want anyone to freak out or anything, but I am, indeed, blogging a second time today. I ran across this little idea during the 31 Days of Change but wasn't intrigued enough, apparently, to join in. Today, I am intrigued enough to try it. And so I shall. You can read more about the concept and previous entries at Gypsy Momma .



This evening I am pondering two very different kinds of tired. Today began with a near frozen, fog shrouded two mile run in the barely dawn light. It was silent, dripping and strangely glowing as I ran around the point and stared into the swirling clouds over the water. My legs were tired, my body was tired, and it was barely dawn.

A mere hour later we were packing lunches, grabbing jackets and heading out the door to drive an hour and half to Atlanta to hang at the zoo with friends all day. The animals were frisky, the children ecstatic and I had Hunky's superior camera.  The blue sky stretched overhead. Wonder and possibility seemed almost as limitless. As hours dragged and bodies again grew weary, we were loathe to walk away from the beauty and variety of God's amazing creativity.

It was after dark when we arrived home. We dragged in tired, but filled with the good things the day had held, a strength for our marrow, and encouragement for our souls.

This type of tired, the tired of a day well lived and thoroughly enjoyed.  The satiation of family, relationships, joy and care, this is the kind of tired in which the soul sleeps fully satisfied.

I have felt tired often lately, but not this kind of well earned tired: the tiredness of frustration, of problems with solutions that will be difficult and possibly painful to pursue, the weight of patience and persistence can be wearing on mind and body.


I'm grateful today for the tiredness of rich, full life. The problems remain, but their burden doesn't weary me this day.


If you would like to join in 5 Minute Friday, click the link above, set your timer and start timing. Time to put this tired body to bed.

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