Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas

We started celebrating on Monday of this week, and it seems we can't stop. We have laughed and hugged friends, sung, eaten (oh my how we have eaten) made merry, snuggled, kissed, watched Christmas shows, opened gifts, cooked and eaten (I put it twice to accurately represent how much eating there has been), listened to Christmas music, worshipped...in short, we have celebrated. We have celebrated being with family and friends, living, laughing loving and fighting the battles of this world together.

What is missing this year is stress and worry.  I'd like to chalk it all up to great planning and the like, but I think instead God just stepped in and made peace. Even when things seemed maddeningly busy, He slipped in moments of peace, a well placed day here and there to handle the things that fell behind. He sent talks with friends who understand, and make me laugh.  Each day I felt my small heart grow three more sizes, and again and again.

He made room for Christmas in my heart.

Tomorrow we are on the road for more Christmas celebrating with my family. Large dogs will compete for our attention and uncles will tease their nieces interminably. There will be a lot more eating. There will be a lot more heart growing.  There is a lot more Christmas to celebrate, and oddly, a lot more room in my heart for it, still.

Perhaps the difference in me this year is that I stopped waiting for the perfect season, perfect day, perfect moment (though I did get a darn-near perfect hair cut, and that goes a long way), and I simply embraced each moment for what it was worth. I didn't do that perfectly either, but I think I succeeded more often than not. I practiced letting go, laughing aloud, seeing miracles and finding my happy, instead of waiting for those things to find me.

I could hardly believe when we pushed back from the table, loaded the dishwasher and finally, finally turned off the Christmas music, that we'd really come to the close of another Christmas day, and almost another year...

Merry Christmas to all of you who take the time to read these jumbled thoughts day after day. I pray you all find your blessings today and in the days to come.

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DOChick said...

Love you, Merry Christmas!