Holly Jolly! Seven Quick Takes Ed 21

  1. Today we are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! I love the zoo! It makes me reminiscent of our birthday trips to Sea World which we did every year in Florida. Granted, there won't be Shamu, or the Polar  Express, or a live saxophone player, but at Sea World we didn't have Kayla and Lily to enjoy the experience with (and I get to have Windy, which is a never-ending understated surprise snark adventure.) I'm not positive, but I think there will be a stop over at the world's coolest DQ in Monticello on the way home.
  2. This week I passed the 1/4 mark in my 100 Days of Running quest.  I am enjoying (mostly--when I'm not griping all the way out the door) the discipline and definitely seeing some physical changes. I am finding out that apparently women my age do better as far as distance running with a day of rest in between runs. I am not able to consistently get good longer runs in because my muscles are tired. I'm considering getting to 50 days and then going to an every other day run plan (with 50 more runs, meaning a total of 100 more days.) and cross training between so I can stop being so frustrated with my lack of progress. It's something I am just considering. And since I get to make the rules about what works best for me, I still consider it a success.
  3. The Birthday Girl was absolutely delighted with the birthday haul yesterday. Amongst other things she got Rick Riorden's Son of Neptune ( I am indeed too lazy to link that ) which she promptly opened and began to read, stopping only once to rub in that she gets to read it first. 
  4. I checked out a ridiculous number of books out of the library the other day, and I am completely excited about every last one of them.  Just in case you can't stand the suspense, here is the list:
      The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter 
  5. One Man's Wilderness by Sam Keith  The Elegance of a Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery
    Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other by Sherry Turkle
    The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs
    The Secret Life of Birds by Pierre Gingas
    Sailing the Wine dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill
    See you in a Hundred Years by Logan Ward
    A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
I already finished one, and am about half way through a second, which is a good thing since I have been a little happy with the holds lately and have another three waiting for me to pick them up. AND I am only reading one. book. at. a. time.  I'll be talking about the ones I finish every Sunday if you want to check back then.

    5.   This picture cracks me up.  It's a minimalist nativity scene:

   6.  I know I put the list blog to bed several months ago. I am  thinking about resurrecting it. I've been keeping lots of lists on paper lately. Like the book list up there, sometimes people want to see my lists. Because listy people tend to attract other listy people. And if you aren't a listy people, you certainly wouldn't be obligated to play. It's just something I am mulling, among sooooooo many other things.

 7. I'm glad I have so many good, silly, and personal growth things to think about and blog about. We are in the middle of some difficult life and personal struggles that are plenty heavy. We're also praying for some deeply wounded loved ones and this is just a heavy and harried time of year in general for ministry. It's good to focus on the blessing and not be bogged down in the things that only Emmanuel can change, and is changing while He is here with us.

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Aisling Beatha said...

I love that nativity scene, I MUST make one RIGHT NOW!