Saturday Review: Edition 5

I started doing Saturday reviews in October, and I like them (though right now I am fighting the discipline of sitting here writing a review with mental tooth and nail, all the more reason to get the thing done!), but I became a bit of a slacker in actually putting words on paper and writing them down. I do better with words on paper (or in this case words on computer screen...but you get my drift).  (There are a lot of parenthetical comments in this opening aren't there?).  To some extent my morning pages have helped me track my thoughts, goals and plans, but they aren't very organized or very conducive to going back and finding things I have thought about or even listed because they are so very stream of consciousness and many times all three pages are written without breaks.  So I am back to doing things the old fashioned way: I'm blogging them.

Highlights from the week:

  • Sunday was our last day of laziness for Thanksgiving.  We hung out in our jammies and ate pizza. Excellent.
  • Monday brought in the first real winter weather. It was cold, dark, rainy and wonderful, AND the tree came down from the attic which meant it was time to...
  • Tuesday... trim the tree!!  We had a little help from some friends.
  • Wednesday I browsed the library and checked out a slew of books that I am now ear deep into reading and so far loving every one
  • Thursday we celebrated beautiful Bailey's thirteenth birthday! 
  • Friday we spent the entire day with our tree trimming friends, and a lovely day it was
  • Today I cleaned all the things in preparation for our small group Christmas Dinner potluck tomorrow. 
It amuses me to read this; I lead such a riveting life, and yet, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

What went wrong
  • I'm realizing that 100 Days of Running isn't going to be a benefit to me much longer. I am going to continue daily runs for two more weeks (taking me to fifty days) then I am going to switch to a run every other day.  Not resting my body is robbing me of my ability to push farther. I will continue at least 50 more runs with one day break in between. I'll be deciding what I will do on off-days that allows my stamina to restore while still training. This is where being married to a former AT,C comes in handy.
  • I'm still not getting enough sleep.  I haven't been able to stay at 7 hours a night. The girls are saying they are tired often too. May move their bedtime, and thus my bedtime up about fifteen minutes and see how that flows.
  • Still spending too much time wasting time online, but it's been getting slowly better
What went right
  • Consistent exercise...we're considering this a habit formed. Now to continue with the discipline to maintain.
  • Two more bookcases purged. One more cabinet needs to move out and I think I will finally be done moving furniture. It's almost time to revisit the closet and see what items in there haven't been worn since I did a radical clearing six weeks ago. If it hasn't been worn in six weeks, it's time to evaluate why I am keeping it.
  • Bailey had a great birthday! She loved all her gifts immensely. I'm always so glad when they feel special and loved (and not just because of gifts) at the end of their special day. And she did.
  • Finished three books this week. One at a time.
  • Ended November with twenty-three blogs for the month. Two months of very consistent blogging? We're calling it a habit! Woot!
What I hope to Accomplish Next
  • I was very intrigued by this article about habits and realized that there are many little things I could be/ should be doing and habit forming is the answer. So I came up with four habits that I am going to create this month
  1. Consistent Bible reading.  I have really stunk at this since daily running and morning pages. While the sunrise is still getting later (for only eighteen more days!), I will read for thirty minutes before it gets light enough to run, then running and morning pages AFTER I run. All this week I did morning pages after the run and it was a bit better than rushing to get them in before I had to leave.
  2. Flossing. It's silly but I don't do it well or consistently. However, I always brush my teeth before I run (don't ask why, I just do) so I am flossing after that.
  3. Daily vitamins - it's a hit or miss practice for me, though more often than not I get them in. Vitamins right after breakfast and my extra dose of calcium right before bed.
  4. Weight lifting - I've added some weight training in every day after my run. Run, weights, shower.  It's been working.
  • I must get some Christmas shopping  finished  this week. We were so good being on top of birthdays that I don't want to get lazy now and be frantic closer to Christmas. This week I could even potentially finish up for the girls. I think that will be my goal.

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