See What He has Wrought: Then there were Two

Beautiful Bailey on Halloween this year
I think there are not many people who haven't heard the story of our first born, the child conceived during chemo, the one everyone told us to abort lest I die, she die and the entire world implode upon itself (ok that last may be an exaggeration, but sometimes it did seem the doctor's were that dire), but to me even more amazing and amusing is the story of my second child.  If her older sister was God telling the universe that He didn't really care what any doctor said about who would live, who would die, and who was in control of it, then Bailey's story is that of His extravagant profligacy.

Her's is the story of learning what it means to turn everything over, give everything up and absolutely abandon whatever plans you had over to the One who does it bigger, better and more fantastically than you ever dreamed.  There's not a way to prepare for a positive pregnancy test when you have a child who is only six weeks old, who would be born before her older sister turned one, who would spend the first six weeks of her life being the source of comfort and joy during our hardest Christmas season.  Because of Bailey, I gave up my plans, my career, my sanity (on occasion) and my very small expectations of who God is and what He will do.  She is the reason I stopped comparing my children and my family to anyone else, stopped putting people in boxes and stopped trying to explain why any child does anything...ever. I've answered a million why's about her and the answer has always been, "Because she is Bailey."

So much of who she is and how she embraces life is what I aspire to be. She loves deeply and without reservation. She is innocent and kind. She fully embraces every moment of life and is completely unself-conscious. She would rather hang out with people she loves than do anything else on the planet. Her excitement is contagious and her deep blue eyes are the reason we will likely have to shoot a young man in the future. She is also the reason we give serious consideration to the concept of arranged marriage. She changed my life in ways I never even dreamed, and made me the better person, woman and parent because of it.

Happy Birthday, Bailey Boo. But this really is the LAST ONE. I draw the line at thirteen.


Pattie said...

Happy birthday Bailey!

Maria said...

happy Birthday Bailey!!!!

And you will say that last line again, changing the number, in what, six days????