We Need a Little Christmas! Right this Very Minute! Seven Quick Takes: Edition 22

1. Today is my beautiful daughter's fourteenth birthday which means two things: first you will want to come back later for a blog I will write about her amazing utter coolness, and second, I will spend parts of today intermittently curled into the fetal position begging God to please stop time from moving forward so doggone fast. How the heck do I have a fourteen year old? 

2. My Mom left this morning after wishing the birthday girl a happy, happy day.  It really was a short trip as far as visits with my Mom go. She was here about two days so we tried to pack as much in as we possibly could. Which means that Mom got a good introduction to Milledgeville life when we went to take a trolley tour and the driver was a no show and then our tour of the Governor's mansion was delayed because the tour guide had to help someone in the gift shop for a few minutes. I just have to laugh it off. And the Governor's mansion tour was worth the wait...absolutely breathtaking! I will be doing that again. Also, our tour guide made me want to become even more geekily knowledgeable about history. Like I want to start taking college classes geeky. I'm hopeless.

3. I feel like the last two weeks have gone by so fast I have barely had time to experience them. I've decided to pull in as much as I can this weekend, which isn't a ton, but I will take whatever I can get.  I also MUST MUST MUST MUST do some online Christmas shopping this weekend because in case you didn't know, Christmas is in two weeks and we are soooo not ready.

4. This week we updates our will and converted it to a living trust. This means no matter what happens to Hunky and I in the future, the state cannot put it's hands on whatever assets we may have. It all goes straight to the beneficiaries. I'm quite happy to have it done, and to be one of only two people who has any say over the control of what we've worked for. If you know me at all, you know I am not one to want any sort of government involvement where it doesn't belong. Probate would be just such an intrusion. Next stop, shopping for life insurance. I swear, I'm growing up.

5. My seventeenth wedding anniversary is coming up. I've been thinking so much about marriage lately. How we survive it, fight for, become defined by it, sometimes fight against it, rely on it.  I find myself once again thankful for the cancer so early on in mine that managed to take our relationship and begin a refining process that is still underway, but which, I believe, we're getting better at all the time. This fall has been rough for us, not relationally with each other, but finding ways to stay strong and insulate ourselves from things, people, ministry and relationships outside the marriage that would ultimate weaken and corrode.  I've been thinking about it a lot in the way it reflects Christ's relationship with His own bride, the church. It convicts me that however good a wife as I may perceive myself to be, there is still so much room for growth if I want to accurately reflect that.

6. Sometimes it feels very difficult to come up with seven random things to talk about...I guess I don't lead a life that is terribly riveting. Heh.

7. Next week we start our final push to really get ready for Christmas. It is our last week of school before we break until Mid-January.  I am going to do a final sweep and purge of the house for this year, room by room.  This girls and Hunky are in the live nativity. It seems busy, but then I realize how many things we aren't doing (life group, Wednesday church, science class, etc.), and that makes it all seem a bit more doable. I'm pretty sure there will be a great deal of Christmas music, and a lot of family dinners. These are things that make me happy. I'm putting on my happy pants and planning to enjoy the rest of the month!

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