Wrap it Up: 7 Quick Takes Ed. 24

  • We are home from Tennessee.  I am sitting on the sofa looking out at my lake and thinking again that I don't know that I will ever again live in a place as beautiful as this.  I do enjoy going places, visiting, seeing new things and having new experiences, but the fact remains that I am always going to love home the best, that it comes with an incredible view for now is just icing on the cake. A week from Sunday we will embark on our final holiday travel to visit the Hunky's side of the family and spend a little time in Harry Potter world.  I did a little looking ahead at other travel plans and it's looking rather hairy until May.  So for now I will sit on the couch and enjoy the view.
  • I ate way too much this entire holiday week. That's all I've got to say about that.
  • Am I the only one who is resistant to taking the tree down? All week at my Mom's all she could talk about was how ready she was to put the tree away. I responded that I didn't like taking down my own tree so I wasn't planning on taking down two (granted, hers was the smallest tree I have seen in some time).  But I think tomorrow is the day. Today is cloudy so I will light it up, sit here and enjoy it's magical glow for one more day.  Then we'll pack up Christmas into it's boxes and bags and look forward to next year.
  • I felt way less hurried and hectic overall for Christmas this year.  I'm starting an idea list already for next year and even have an inspiration for my brothers for whom personal things to purchase can be difficult.  They, like me, do enjoy a gift card, and I don't mind giving a gift card at all. But I want to add a few little personal touches this year. It feels good to already have one idea for that handled.
  • I posted Wednesday about my four guiding principals for 2012.  I'm very happy that I have another eight days before leaving again to really flesh out the first month or two of my aspirations. For me, to plan more than guidelines further ahead than that is rather futile. I find my life is often in a state of great flex, and I am doing better with guidelines and bare bones ideas than a month by month road map of how things should look. I think I also tend to grow more with less restrictive (self-imposed) expectations. I think that's the creative in me finding her voice again. I'll be finding a great deal more writing time this week to expound upon those principles (And to make one minor tweak that I think will improve them)
  • I was feeling a bit down about the consistency of my blogging this month, but then I looked back over the year as a whole and realized how much more I have written this year over all.  With the exception of April, I blogged at least every month (April is mission trip month and that always seems to be a crazy time). The months that I did blog, with the exception of March, I blogged a majority ( or near half) of days.  After two years of being highly sporadic, I think that's a huge improvement. I love having a concrete big picture to look back over and chart changes.
  • Now it's time to switch laundry, refill coffee, find something healthy for breakfast and generally unpack. We were amazingly blessed for Christmas and still managed to come home with only a limited amount of things that need to be put away. The best of all possible worlds.

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