7 Quick Takes: No Place like Home; Vol 2. Ed. 2

Yes, this Quick takes is a day late.  But better late than never, eh?

1. In case you missed the announcement, we have been in Florida for the week visiting the Hunky's family. The weather was gorgeous! Seeing family was fun! I have also come to realize that I just don't love the parks.  Now, I enjoyed the rides (and I love the Harry Potter ride) but somehow the total one hour of ride (that would all the rides combined)  time compared to two days of crowds, waiting, trying to find out where my kids had dashed off to, being jostled, eating over priced food (and realizing that meal cost more than children that I support have seen in a lifetime), I just don't enjoy the overall experience. Which is weird because I do really love Sea World but somehow that whole experience seems less crowded and frantic. Or maybe small town living has turned me into such a curmudgeon that I wouldn't enjoy it anymore either. Long story short, it's so very good to be home, home, home.

2. I read a book while I was on vacation that literally was like being in a UFC match with the Holy Spirit.  I will admit that reading this while at the Mecca of the American Way (which I neither like nor agree with nor want to align myself with) probably didn't help my state of unrest any. I think the only thing that kept me from being completely overwhelmed was the chapter on possessions since we have been working on simplifying, reducing, and streamlining for months now (it really is a slow process).  Believe me, there were plenty more areas of extreme conviction. I'll be thinking about it and culling out the changes and adjustments for months.

I miss the ocean. True.

4. I packed too much again for my time away, but I packed a lot less too much than I used to pack. I'm getting better. I have a few more trips to practice before I go to Az. I am wondering if I could make it with just a carry suitcase for that trip. It's tempting.  Very Tempting.

5. I did not manage to stay completely off sugar while on vacation, but overall, I think I made decent choices the entire week.  I was concerned about going off sugar when we got back because I have a small group to lead for Monday night Bible study and I didn't want to be deep in the swampy wilderness of sugar withdrawal when that rolled around. But we came home a day early, and I don't think I have had enough sugar this past week to get back on the sugar hook.  However, now that we are home, the sugar train is ending for good. This week starts a hard core healthier living campaign.  I'm ready.

6. I really really want to find a co-op/ CSA to be a part of for some of our produce needs. I know there is one around here so I need to get on the ball researching it.

7. We are having such a mild winter this year. While this is good for our electric bill, I'm pretty sad that it's looking less and less like that we will have any snow at all. Granted, the amount of snow we have had the last two winters probably doesn't even add up to two inches. But after sixteen years away from seasons, snow was a delightful treat in any amount. That said, the swimming I did in Florida makes me realize how much I miss swimming, and if it isn't going to be cold enough to snow than it ought to be warm enough to swim!


Holly said...

#6 - I was so excited that I could possibily help you! A friend at church has a farm in Fort Valley and does CSA/Co-Op stuff... My grade of 101 for the year in Georgia History did not help with geography :-)

Dana Portwood said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I am so excited you could possibly help too! i KNOW there is one that services here because I know people who have done it. I just need to get with them and REMEMBER to ask!