My Day was not a Haiku

Flaming pink clouds burn
Water beneath reflects fire 
sunrise inspires twice

Doesn't that seem nice and peaceful? I wrote it this morning after reading a little something about haiku being the essence of more with less and after the sky literally lit up like a pink highlighter firework display which really was quite amazing despite my less than flattering descriptive prowess.  It was beautiful.

Then real life happened.

Perhaps you have to be a home school mom to really understand the frustration of returning back to school after a long break with literally no time to plan. I am usually prepared with a six week outline and list of materials when we start back to our studies but for Christmas we had...well...CHRISTMAS and then we traveled 2,000 miles all over the southeastern United States. I'd like to see your lesson plans under the same circumstances before you judge me.

So here we were this morning (a morning when all the other school kids were NOT in school. Don't think I didn't hear about that to which I responded "You spent the last week in Florida swimming and going to Disney so tell your sad story simplifying fractions, whiner!" Yes, my spiritual gift is encouragement. )...anyway, here we were this morning at t-minus five minutes to go time and I had no concrete plan and no printer ink.  No printer ink people. That's tantamount to Jeff Gordon taking the pole position at the Daytona 500 only to discover his car has no wheels ( Maria, if that last sentence doesn't prove I love you, nothing will ).

Now, I did recover, but let's just say that level of frantic OH-MY-STARS-WHAT-NOW flavor worked it's way through most of the day. 

And that would be why it is 10 PM, I haven't had dinner, my kids aren't in bed and I am blogging about NASCAR, a subject I loathe after I showcase what can only be called haiku doggerel.

But on the upside, I totally got to parse verbs at Bible study tonight and if THAT doesn't prove I am still God's favorite....well...it just proves it. There's no argument.


Pattie said...

Some days are like that...even in Australia.
there's my literary reference for the day
and I will leave the nascar symbolism for our Maria!

Dana Portwood said...

:) It wasn't even terrible horrible no good or very bad...it was just one of THOSE days. But I do love Australia (and that book--AND YOU!)

Maria Summers said...

Thank you my dear, for that great laugh this morning. Your words have now twice, lifted my spirits this morning. And yes you do love me, I see that specifically. I have to say as I watched testing in Daytona this week you weren't far from my mind either. But for the Jeff Gordon reference, we may have to talk a bit, but it could have been worse, a lot worse. But given your lack of affinity for the sport, I can see why that name jumped out and said "use me"

Dana Portwood said...

Is it better that I almost said Geoff Bodine? I wasn't confident enough that he was NASCAR and too lazy to google though. Look, I know you love the sport. Don't ask me to remember who you pull for. :D